Bye Bye Copper: More Reasons To Switch To Fibre Broadband This 2021

Feb 23, 2021
By Staff writer

Are you tired of your slow and intermittent speeds? If you’re not on fibre broadband yet, now is the best time to switch! 

Thanks to the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) of the New Zealand government and the leading broadband providers, the majority of places where Kiwis live and work can now take advantage of fibre broadband services. The latest estimates show that more than 80% of the country are fibre-ready as of 2020! 

Don’t settle for slow internet, and get fibre for your home and business now. Here are the best reasons to switch today!

Faster and more reliable connection

Slow internet speeds can be very frustrating! A fast internet connection is the difference between having a convenient and productive life (think efficient remote work and smart homes) to a dragging, frustrating one. It's easy to see which one we'd choose, given the Fibre broadband in New Zealand we can choose from.

Of course, faster speeds and reliable connection are the most obvious reasons to go fibre! Depending on your broadband plan, you can get internet speeds as fast as 1Gbps at home. For businesses, you even have the option to connect to ultra-fibre broadband, with internet speeds as fast as 2-4Gbps.

Thanks to fibre optic cables, you can get lightning fast speeds with little to no significant signal drops even for long distances. This makes for a more reliable connection whether you connect wired or wirelessly.

Less interference and lower latency

Fast fibre broadband speed is all great — but not if you can’t take advantage of it at all times of the day or if you can’t access it in your kitchen while cooking! Fortunately, most fibre broadband NZ plans guarantee less interference and lower latency given that you get the right services in your address.

When connecting wirelessly, you’re likely to experience more lag the farther you are from the router. Low latency ensures real-time data transfer from your router to your device. On the other hand, interference determines if the internet signals can pass through your walls and cupboards. Less interference prevents the dead zones throughout the home. 

Since fibre broadband is often paired with a high-tech router, lower latency and less interference in your broadband plan is guaranteed. This is on top of the fact that fibre optic cables are designed to carry great amounts of data over long distances!


Balanced download and upload speeds

Great, you’ve now achieved broadband as fast as 1Gbps, but you may want to recheck! Are you experiencing this speed only for download? Or, does it also translate to your upload speeds? If you don’t have balanced speeds both for your download and upload speeds, fibre broadband can solve this problem!

Most broadband providers advertise their download speeds because it’s usually higher than upload speeds. This is because it’s also more important to accomplish heavy online tasks. However, you still need to have a decently fast upload speed, especially for backing up your files in the cloud storage.

What’s great with fibre NZ is it generally offers these balanced speeds. The best part is, most providers meet these requirements in most of their plan offerings. You never have to worry about getting fast download speeds, only to experience extremely slow upload speeds.

Unlimited bandwidth with no throttling

Fibre optic cables can transfer large amounts of data in just a short time, making them perfect for unlimited bandwidth! Data-intensive activities such as video calls, streaming, gaming, and file sharing can be a breeze with fibre broadband!

While there are fibre broadband plans with a data cap, most New Zealand providers offer them without one. Or, they offer them with an extremely high data cap. The great thing is, they mostly offer this without data throttling or slowing the internet at certain times of the day to accommodate a large number of customers.

Throttling, data cap, and other such issues are now solved thanks to fibre broadband. It lets you enjoy unlimited data at full speeds any time of the day. This is even more helpful in rural areas where homes can be far away from each other. 

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Better online security for your data

Security isn’t usually the top requirement whenever you think of finding the best fibre broadband plan. However, hackers can easily tap on your internet using techniques such as cable tapping to breach your data. Online security is all the more crucial for businesses that handle New Zealanders’ private information.

When a breach happens, businesses suffer an average cost of USD3.8 million to mitigate the losses. These instances are especially prevalent in old copper cables as most hackers already found a workaround to tap into your system. Fortunately, fibre broadband prevents these problems from happening. 

As fibre optic cables are more advanced and futureproof, it’s harder for these breaches to occur. Although there are methods to hack fibre optic cables, it’s impractical. They need to physically cut down the cable to jam your internet signals — and this can be very expensive to do!

Provider’s initiative to fibre NZ

The government isn’t the only one dedicated to RBI; internet providers are also committed to this initiative. Chorus — one of the biggest broadband providers in New Zealand — plan on installing only fibre optic cables moving forward.

Of course, this also includes replacing the current copper cables with fibre optic throughout the country. It’s great news if you’re living rurally as you can experience broadband no lesser than what Kiwis in the city experience. Although you may live outside where most New Zealanders live and work, you can easily connect to fast and reliable fibre broadband this way.

If you still have VDSL or even ADSL broadband, now is the best time to switch! The government and leading providers are more than dedicated to bring fibre broadband across the majority of New Zealand.

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