How To Switch Power Companies During NZ Lockdown

Sep 15, 2021
By Staff writer

Is it time to switch to a better power company? Learn how to find the best Power deals in NZ, and save more money in the long run.

While staying at home protects you from the virus, not everyone is spared from power price increase. Since last year, residential power bills were expected to increase by up to $6 during the lockdown period.

Apart from the usual tips and tricks to save power during the pandemic, you might want to consider switching to a better power plan. You may be unaware that you're losing more money, all because you’re not in the right plan for you. If you don’t know where and how to start, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you get started.


I want to switch but I'm on a fixed-term contract with my current provider

If you're on a fixed-term contract, some power providers charge a "break fee," which applies if you terminate your contract before the term ends.

If you're on a fixed-term contract with your current power provider, be sure to check and read their terms and conditions before making a switch, as there might be other fees and charges you need to pay. You can also give them a call about the fees, or ask if they can offer you a better deal so you won't have to switch.

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I'm planning to move to a different place, but have no fixed date yet

No need to worry about getting power on short notice as switching providers can be done quickly. Take note though, that on average, it takes three to four days for the switch to take place, so you might want to consider that once you’ve decided on a fixed date. If you've decided to switch, there's no need to notify your current electricity provider since your new power provider can do this for you and arrange the transfer. However, if you're on a fixed contract with your current provider, you may need to inform them about the switch first and pay the necessary fees if there are any. 

I'm worried about the possible disconnection of service during lockdown

If you're having a hard time paying your bills now that we're in the middle of a lockdown, it's best to talk to your power company for options. Your provider may offer more flexibility and options such as installments, to make payments easier for you.

If you're qualified, you may also get a Winter Energy Payment to help with the cost of heating your home, paid from May 01 to October 01.

Electricity Authority chief executive James Stevenson-Wallace has also written to power companies to urge them to update their guidelines to help customers, and that disconnections for non-payment should not happen at a time of crisis.

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I’ve decided to switch power providers. Where do I start?

Finding the right power plan for you doesn’t have to be complicated! Electricity prices are constantly changing and power providers seem to never run out of deals to attract new customers. This is why you need to know what you really need, and see if these offers work for you. Make it a habit to check if the plan or provider you’re eyeing is suitable to your needs and location. Luckily, your search is now made easier with online comparison tools!


What is a comparison website?

Glimp is a comparison website that helps thousands of people everyday compare the best Power plans all in one page. You save time and money by going into a one-stop shop for power plans and providers. It’s an innovative tool that allows you to compare plans based on the number of people in your household, how often you use electricity, and your location. You can easily find the right Power provider for you, in just a few minutes!

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Pick your best option

Now that you have the results, it's time to pick the best plan for you. What’s great about a comparison website is it shows all your options on one page, including key details like rates, customer ratings, inclusions, how much you’ll save, and their latest deals. Never miss out on the best offers from NZ's leading providers again!

Time to switch!

Once you have decided which plan and provider to get, you can easily sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button and you’ll be redirected to your chosen power provider’s website. You'll be able to complete the application in just a few minutes. What’s good about the glimp comparison tool is that our customer service is happy to answer your questions and assist you along the way.

The pandemic is a challenging time for most, especially when it comes to weekly and monthly expenses. But you don't have to stay in the same Power plan. Make it habit to compare the best Power deals in your area!

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