Start Young, Start Now: Investment Options In New Zealand

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They say that there’s no right time to invest. No matter the age, there’s always a way to make your savings grow further. 

Many Kiwis put their money into different investments. Some with the help of agents, and others  have decided only through their own research. According to Kiwi Wealth, young people are becoming more interested to invest with the little money they have. This could be a great first move to save up for bigger investments they can use in the years to come. 

If you’re a beginner and don’t exactly know where to invest your money, we’re here to help. Here are easy investment options to get you started.

Why do you need to invest? 

Investing can be different for everyone. If you’re the type to focus on increasing your hard-earned money, you normally invest to achieve for profit. On the other hand, some choose to invest in their well-being first, which also leads them to grow their finances by being motivated to work harder, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whatever it is, investing teaches you that everything you put in adds up over time. So make sure it's good and consistent!

Generally, investing allows you to take responsibility for your financial security. You don’t have to go for a single investment alone, you can have several accounts and make them work altogether. 

Where can you invest? 

Bank term deposits

The simplest way to safeguard your money is to put them in the bank. You can withdraw it any time or use your account for online shopping. But, if you won't spend the money and want to grow your savings, you may opt for a bank term deposit, instead. 

Investing in bank term deposits is a stepping stone for first-time investors who want to explore investments with higher returns in the future. With this type of investment, earning interest can go from 2 to 4% with every dollar they save. Interest can be paid depending on the provider. It can be daily, monthly, or annually. 


If you want to get a steady income rather than putting some of your money on savings, it’s a good choice to invest in bonds instead of bank term deposits. When you buy a bond, you’re technically lending the bond issuer, who can be a company or the government, for a time in which the bond issuer pays you, the investor, interest on that debt.

Simply put — a creditor-debtor relationship. Since bonds are usually issued by a city or government, you’re less likely to lose your investments compared to stocks. If you want to know more about bonds and stocks and would like to begin with share trading, you can find the best investment apps here that are tailor-made for new and experienced investors.

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Nothing is certain in a fast-changing world. If you can save today, why wait for later. By opening a Kiwisaver account, you can have financial freedom and security for yourself and your family. Kiwisaver is a voluntary savings scheme offered by the government through different providers from automatic enrolment upon employment, opting in through your employer or applying with a Kiwisaver provider

Anyone who is a citizen or a permanent resident can apply. It’s also a practical investment you can use in case of financial trouble, or if not, a long-term investment until you reach your retirement. If you’re an employee and would like to start with Kiwisaver, you can decide how much you want to contribute whether it’s 3, 4, 6 up to 10% of your pay. Kids are likewise open to having their own KiwiSaver starting from 10 years old and up. 

Using your savings to invest is not a waste of money. In fact, you can gain more by putting more funds into your investments. There will be risks along the way, but it’s just a matter of knowing your options and what you can do with it. It also pays to do immense research about your investments so you would know how to properly manage them. And if you’re not sure, it’s always best to call a trusted financial advisor to lead you through the process.

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