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Hey everyone!

We are interviewing Slingshot, one of the broadband providers that we have on glimp. We find out more about their values, what makes them different & their services. We hope you enjoy!

Please give a bit of background on your company

Since 1996, Slingshot has been on a mission to challenge the telco industry and fight to give Kiwi families better value internet, backed by awesome service. We know how important it is to stay connected online, but we also know getting there can be a little confusing, frustrating, and often more trouble than it needs to be.

What are your values?

Like our customers, Slingshot loves all the good things in life – things like brilliant broadband, decent prices, and good old-fashioned service. We like to think of ourselves as the shining light of simplicity and service and we’ve worked hard to make Slingshot simple, affordable and stress-free – because we know our customers have more important things to spend their time on than fiddling round with their internet. What’s more, we’ve got a dedicated team of helpers, based right here on home soil.

As a company, what do you pride yourself on?

At Slingshot we know that the web has become the lifeblood of the home and that families need it more than ever. But we also know things have got pretty confusing out there.

Our customers are busy families who want to stay connected. They like a stress-free life but they’ve got kids who all want to be online at the same time, which can quickly become a drama zone. In fact, the average number of connected devices per household has tripled in the past three years alone, to nine. So, a great product is important – but equally so is the service and support.

We’re committed to making broadband suitable for the whole household – whether they’re madly streaming TV shows, gaming up a storm, or just hammering TradeMe.

What kind of services do you provide?

We offer a range of broadband options with ADSL, VDSL and super speedy fibre.

Slingshot extras include:

  • Roll over data
  • Naked broadband, or add a home line for just $5
  • Free national calling
  • Unlimited broadband
  • Slingshot mobile services, which can be found on the website.

The latest: we’ve recently launched a new product called Family Filter.

Following a recent survey, we found that three quarters of Kiwi parents are concerned their children may have access to online pornography, yet fewer than a third use online parental controls. To help put parents’ minds at ease, we introduced an easy online tool that blocks the darker corners of the web and helps protect Kiwi kids.

With the simple switch of a button, Family Filter gives the control back to parents by blocking access at a network level, and encompassing all devices connected to the home Wi-Fi.

About Family Filter:

  • Family Filter is available free for the first 12 months
  • It can be easily accessed and activated through a Slingshot customer’s account
  • Customers can turn Family Filter on and off as they please
  • Family Filter removes access to:
    • R16+ nudity and pornographic websites
    • Known hacked or infected websites
    • Sites featuring: dating, drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco
    • Websites about hacking, dark web and other illegal activities
    • Websites relating to suicide and self-harm.

Where do you provide your services?

Nationwide – check our address checker for availability.

What sets you apart from other providers?

We like to think that we truly put ourselves in the customers’ shoes. We don’t screw the customer and we try to make things as easy as possible.

We genuinely want to help. We’re challengers and disruptors – we like to stay one step ahead, without the constraints of being a bigger corporate.

We hope that you enjoyed our interview with Slingshot and there are more to come. Stay tuned! If you would like to compare broadband plans, just go to

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brent Dinnan , 2020-09-18

Used Glimp to compare prices for Broadband and toke thier adivce and signed up with a new plan saving a fair bit each month... I should have first gone to my provider as the yoffered me a better price to stay with them... lesson learnt

Sophie Turnbull , 2020-09-14

Received great technical support from Ronualdo two times this morning - both times he fixed my problem quick smart! Thank you :)