Shop and Fly: How To Find The Right Airpoints Credit Card in New Zealand

Date Nov 9, 2020
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By Sieg C

Airpoints credit card — also referred to as Airmiles credit card — is great if you’re a frequent traveller. Simply use your credit card for purchases, and get rewards points. You can use these rewards to redeem flight tickets, travel packages, hotel accommodation, and car rentals. It's a great loyalty system of banks to reward you for using your credit card and keeping a good credit score!

As easy as these rewards come, picking the right airline miles credit card can be tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to help you clear all the confusion. Here’s a quick guide on how to find the right Airpoints credit card from a trusted New Zealand bank.

Airpoints credit card: Factors you need to consider

Airpoints credit card is great, but it can cost you a lot of money if you pick the wrong one. Before choosing a credit card, consider the following factors in getting the right Airmiles credit card that fits your financial situation.

Interest rates

As with all credit cards, it’s best to check the banks’ interest rates. Does the bank set an interest rate whenever you repay your credits? Or does it let the retailer decide the interest? Be sure to check it before purchasing an Airpoints credit card.

Earn rate

Earn rates dictate how fast you can get rewards. Of course, the faster you earn rewards, the better. However, the higher earn rate may come with higher annual fees and interest rates. It’s important to take account of this when getting an Airmiles credit card.

Points cap

Acquiring points and rewards are great, but not if it’s severely capped! For example, banks let you earn 1 point for $1 spent, with a cap of $5,000; others let you earn 1 point per $2. Whatever it is, check it beforehand so you can have a better grasp of their point system, and make sure it works well with your lifestyle.

Partner airlines

Some Airpoints credit cards only work on certain airlines. When getting a credit card, make sure your issuer has partnerships with the leading and trusted airlines you frequent. But remember: even if you’re a loyal customer of a specific airline, it’s always recommended to have more options.

Card perks

Does your Airmiles credit card come with perks and extras? While it shouldn’t be your main determining factor, it’s convenient if you can benefit from free travel insurance, airport lounge access, and personal concierge services through your card.

Some banks also have other fees such as cash advancement fees, foreign transaction fees, and other administrative fees. Before signing up for an Airpoints credit card, check all these fees to avoid getting unknown charges and bill shock.

How to earn Airpoints credit card points

Now that you know what to consider for your Airmiles credit card, it’s time to know how you can earn points. You can use these points to purchase different travel essentials and even non-travel items! Here are some of the no-nonsense ways to gain Airmiles credit card points.

Eligible purchases

The easiest way to gain points is through eligible purchases. Typically, these only include ordinary purchases. Cash advances, balance transfers, interest fees, and government payments are excluded. However, it still depends on the bank of your credit card.

Supplementary cardholders

If your partner or family member uses a supplementary card, you can easily get double or triple the bonus points! It’s important to note that you’re still accountable for all the purchases made using supplementary cards, as you have the primary card.

Sign-up bonus points

Nowadays, credit card companies feature sign-up bonuses as an introductory offer. Just make sure to understand the sign-up offer, as some banks require you to spend a certain amount in the first months before you can receive these points.

Compare the best Airpoints credit cards

Now that you know the process of finding the right Airmiles credit card, it’s time to choose the best card for you. If you want a side-by-side comparison of these cards, we got you! Here are the rates, fees, and rewards program of some of the best Airpoints credit cards.

Purchase Rate Annual Fee Rewards Program
American Express Airpoints Platinum Card 19.95% APR $195 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
American Express Airpoints Card 0% for 6 months (reverts to 19.95% APR) $0 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card 2.99% for 6 months (reverts to 19.95% APR) $149 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
ANZ Airpoints Visa Credit Card 19.95% APR $65 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum Credit Card 19.95% APR $150 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
Kiwibank Air New Zealand Airpoints Low Free Visa 16.9% APR $25 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
Kiwibank Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa 20.95% APR $150 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
Westpac Airpoints Mastercard 20.95% APR $55 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
Kiwibank Air New Zealand Airpoints Standard Visa 20.95% APR $65 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
Westpac Airpoints Business Mastercard 20.95% APR 20.95% APR Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme
Westpac Airpoints Platinum Mastercard 20.95% APR $150 Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme

If you want a comprehensive comparison of the best deals that fit your income and lifestyle, we won’t leave you hanging! Here at glimp, we have an easy to use credit card comparison tool that shows you tailored results.

Get the best Airpoints credit card, and get big rewards with glimp!

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