7 Mistakes Every First-Time Traveller Makes

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Beyond forgetting to get an insurance quote or overpacking, what common traveling pitfalls are out there?

Whether or not you’re abroad for the first time, there’s always the chance that you’ll accidentally forget one of the common mistakes we’ve listed – make sure you check off our list every time you travel.

It may sound like a pain, but luckily, every mistake in our guide is quick and easy to avoid!

1. Check your smartphone plan

Do you know if your phone data will work when you arrive at your destination?

Data-roaming fees can get steep fast, especially if you rely on whatever default plan your provider will put you on if you don’t organise any alternatives yourself.

Make sure you turn off your phone data if you don’t know how much it’s going to cost you, as it’s possible to be charged just for connecting in another country.

If you need to use phone data while travelling, put some time toward investigating your options around international plans or swapping out your SIM for a local one, once you arrive.

2. Don’t trust departure times

Flights are prone to delays. Everyone knows that more or less, but it pays to leave extra time between connecting flights, even if you trust the airline, or the flying conditions seem perfect.

You never want to be forced to rush through terminals to make a flight, because the prior leg of your journey had technical difficulties.

Also, plan to spend time going through security! It always takes longer than you think to get on and off a plane.

3. Pick up local currency

You need local currencies on you for cabs, public transport, and maybe even finding a few gems in a local market.

Make sure you remember to use the airport ATMs, as they usually get better exchange rates than those on the streets of your destination.

Try get a little extra out if you can – it pays to hide some local currency in your shoes, or bag, just in case you need to pay for something in an emergency and are caught without a credit card.

4. Compare travel insurance 

Not just for covering accidents on your trip, travel insurance also covers cancellation fees.

If you can’t make your trip at the last minute, you won’t be a few thousand out of pocket over it.

It’s also going to save you a lot of time and money having insurance if you wind up needing medical attention overseas. 

5. Don’t over-schedule

A classic mistake – trying to do everything you want to do in a country never works out! Leave yourself something for next time.

The activities or attractions that you do have time for will be much more enjoyable if you aren’t rushing through them trying to get to the next thing.

Having downtime between parts of your trip is important too, as is having time to discover places by accident!

6. Keep your travel plan nearby

Keeping your important documents or itinerary in their own pocket is a great way to have them on hand.

Losing reservation details right before arriving at your hotel isn’t necessary.

If you can, keep a copy on your phone too, so you’re never worried about losing it.

7. Keep your valuables secure

No one likes dealing with theft, especially while travelling.

To keep your money or other goods from being stolen you can keep them in security bags, which are lined with mesh that can’t be cut.

No matter how you carry them, it’s best to keep your most valuable possessions on you at all times.

Account for everything!

No matter how well you plan your trip, accidents can still happen.

That’s why you should have the best travel insurance for your trip.

Compare travel insurance with glimp today! It’s free, and a little time now could save a lot of time later. 

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