Tower Renters Insurance NZ

With a history spanning over 150 years, Tower Insurance was established by the New Zealand government back in 1869 as the Government Life Insurance Office. It was later renamed as Tower Insurance in 1987 and its ownership was conferred to policyholders in 1990, allowing it to operate as a mutual association. With  their long history of trusted experience, you can be confident in ensuring your belongings with Tower Renters Insurance.

tower renters insurance nz

Why choose Tower Renters Insurance in NZ?

Repair and Replacement

From mobile phones, laptops, bicycles, or even eBikes, Tower Renters Insurance will repair or replace your damaged possessions regardless of their age. 

Tenant Liability Cover

Tower Renters Insurance will take care of any damages you may have caused — whether it’s fire, explosion, or water damages to the property you’re renting.

Moving Cover

Tower will cover your items from fire, collision, or vehicle overturns while you’re moving from one place to another.

Accidental Damage Cover even when you’re out anywhere in NZ

Tower Insurance will take care for any losses or damages while you’re out as long as it’s within NZ.

Tower Renters Insurance NZ - Claims, Coverage

Tower Renters Insurance provides cover whether you’re renting your place or sharing a flat with friends! The following factors apply for their renters insurance policies:

New-for-Old Replacement

Get repairs and replacement for all insured items to almost or exactly brand new, up to the sum insured in your policy.

One event, One Excess

If you need to make a claim on multiple Tower Insurance policies, you only need to pay the highest excess.

Multi-policy Discount

You can get a multi-policy discount when you purchase two or more qualified policies.