5 Reasons Your Internet Speed is Slow

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Sometimes, you will pay for 100 Mbps of internet but will get speed results of 50 Mbps or worse. 

The internet is intertwined into many of our day-to-day activities. So for many of us, having slow internet is one of the most frustrating experiences we face. In this blog post, we look at five reasons why your internet speed is so slow and how to fix these issues. 

1. Router and Modem Could be Affecting Your Speed

One of the first things to check if you are experiencing slow internet speeds is your router and modem. If you notice dramatic drops in speed or problems connecting, you may want to try restarting your router and modem. Restarting your modem works as a way of refreshing your device. It’s similar to restarting your computer or phone when you are having performance problems. The process of restarting helps the modem clear memory and resets the tasks it was performing. Some modems also tend to struggle when they have a lot of devices sending requests to them. Trying a simple restart can resolve many issues. 

Furthermore, if you are experiencing disconnections you may want to get your modem checked out. The modem that your provider gives you is fine but it isn’t necessarily the best device available on the market. Sometimes upgrading your modem can help you greatly to experience faster and more stable internet speeds.

2. Your Hardware is Making Your Internet Slow

Some older devices don’t actually support high speed internet. You may have a brand-new flagship phone that supports high speed wi-fi but notice that an older device tends to buffer or lose signal. New devices have the latest antennas and sensors that support fast broadband and can reach wi-fi at larger distances. We’re not saying that you should go out and upgrade all of your devices but this is definitely one possible reason you are experiencing slow internet speeds. 

3. Watch Out for Background Programs Using Bandwidth

Background processes and applications can hog up your bandwidth without you even noticing it. Background downloading from auto updating processes can affect your internet speed as well as the performance of your device. What you can do is disable or limit the bandwidth that is being consumed. For example, if you are syncing large files across Dropbox, you can set a bandwidth limit so that your regular internet usage isn’t being interrupted but you will still have your files updating in the background. Another solution is to pause auto-updates and download updates at a time that better suits you. 

4. There Could be a Problem with Your Line

Recently upgraded to fibre? In order to get access to high speed fibre, you require a technician to come in and connect your property to the fibre line. This process is fairly straightforward for most properties but if you are experiencing issues post-instalment, you may want to get your line checked by a technician. 

5. Evaluate Your Internet Service Provider 

Lastly, one factor that is affecting your internet speeds could very well be your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are experiencing slow internet when you should have ultra-fast speeds, you should definitely contact your provider. They will often provide basic fixes such as restarting your modem and checking devices but if none of those work, they should send a technician down to check for any problems. The performance of ISPs can also depend on your location due to factors such as the physical infrastructure in place. 

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