Quick loans: a convenient way of coming into money before you can say Jack Robinson.

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Quick loans are a convenient solution for helping you make ends meet until the next payday. As such, they remain the most popular choice for many New Zealanders - the fact that propels the market forward. Nowadays, getting a small loan is a straightforward process taking no more than several minutes to conclude. 

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Small loans are offered by banks, finance institutions, unions, and peer-to-peer lenders, among other businesses. The application process is available  online, by phone, or in person, making it even more convenient. A typical quick loan implies a 1% to 1.7% daily interest rate. With establishment fees included, an average $200 loan would cost you ca. $250. The repayments are done weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Not all businesses offering quick loans are locally owned. With the market expanding but daily, the number of international lenders is growing in number. Take your time comparing the offers and don't forget the fine print. Admittedly, the terms and rates are similar, but merely a single discrepancy might well make all the difference in some cases. 

Applying for Fast Loans: Institutions, Amounts, and Credit Scores.

As stated above, applying for fast loans is done instantaneously. You may apply through the following banks: ASB, BankDirect, BNZ, Co-operative Bank, Kiwibank, SBS Bank, TSB Bank, and Westpac. Finance institutions offering quick loans: Advaro Finance, Aotea Finance, Consumer Finance, Diners Club, Dorchester Group, FAI Money, Finance Direct, Finance Now, Financepoint, Financial Holdings, Future Finance, Gem, Gilrose Finance, Instant Finance, Mutual Credit Finance, Nova Medical Finance, NZ Loan, NZCU Employees, Paraloan (for people with physical disabilities), Pronto Finance, and Toyota Financial Services.

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Upper limits to a small loan vary depending on your credit score, salary, and the length of employment. Familiarizing yourself with your credit score is a good idea as it may prove to be useful in more ways than one. Getting a copy of your credit report is fairly simple and free of charge. You may either get it online - many businesses offer the service  - or order one through the following credit reporting companies: Dun & Bradstreet, Centrix, or Veda Advantage. 

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Same Day Loans: Benefits and Drawbacks.

Same day loans come in many guises, notably holiday loans, wedding loans, payday loans, and emergency situation loans. If you need a considerable amount of money for, say,  getting a new car or renovating your home, look elsewhere first.

Even small loans have other alternatives at lower interest rates, especially if it is possible for you to extend your mortgage. Still, not many people can count on this solution, so let us take a look at other possibilities hence.


If you need a loan to repay an outstanding debt, debt consolidation loans might render a satisfactory solution. A debt consolidation is a type of loan that combines all your debts into a single one. Unlike with quick loans, the repayments are due monthly.

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Another sustainable alternative to personal quick loans is an overdraft. An overdraft has somewhat higher interest rates than other loan types, but offers one huge benefit in return: the rates apply only on the money used. Regardless of the  maximum amount allowed you, interest rates are never calculated on the remainder. 


Keep in mind that there are various personal loan types available. In particular, if you need more money fast and the previous three options don't work for you, you should consider lower-rate loans. E.g., there are secured and unsecured loans, and rates can be either fixed or variable. Secured loans come at lower interest rates, but for them you'll need to secure an asset. The usual asset is either a house or a car, but other options may well present themselves. 

Unsecured loans, on the other hand, come at somewhat higher interest rates, but don't require an asset. The requirements for the latter are more severe than for the first, as the lender will want to make sure you will be able to pay off the debt in a timely manner. 


As for the rates, fixed ones are, as a rule, higher, but with them you will know the exact amount due to be repaid monthly. Variable rates are lower and can go up, down, or both, depending on market moves and the particular lender.

Finally, owners of low-interest credit cards may opt for transferring the balance in order to get a new introductory rate, which is oft far lower than small loan rates. 

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Quick loans: FAQ. 

Quick loans approval process: how long does it take?

A couple of hours, at the latest. You can apply online from the comfort of your home.

What are the repayment terms?

Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, but make sure to ask the lender about the specifics beforehand. 

Are there any additional costs?

Cost and interest rate information is stated in the terms and conditions. The lender is also obliged to provide you with a disclosure statement, so make sure to go through these thoroughly, as terms may vary depending on the specific lender. 

I am unclear on this point...

Contact the lender with all the questions before signing the agreement. Remember that the offer is rich and you can (and should) choose away.

Can the repayment terms be changed?

In most cases, no. Not without you being penalized, that is. Most lenders will charge you for changing the terms, so calculate the odds and the budget to the tiniest detail. 

How do I choose the best small loan?

Research all options prior to making the final decision. Compare quick loans and interest rates at Glimp today! 

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