Vodafone Phone Insurance in NZ

Looking to protect your recently purchased mobile phone? Vodafone phone insurance has got you covered! Vodafone are one of the leading full-service telecommunications companies in NZ, renowned for providing Kiwis with mobile phone and broadband services throughout the country. With so much success with their mobile and internet offerings, they now offer phone insurance through their Vodafone PhoneInsure.

PhoneInsure covers the mobile phone that you purchased from Vodafone, so long as it contains your On Account SIM card.

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What are you covered for?

Vodafone PhoneInsure offers significant benefits in its cover. When you sign up for a policy, you’re covered for:

  • Up to $2,100 should your mobile phone be lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Any accessories you use with your phone for up to $150 if they are lost, stolen, or damaged at the same time as your mobile phone
  • Unauthorised usage credit for up to $1,000 should someone use your phone after it was lost or stolen
  • Temporary rental costs of up to $500 if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged while travelling overseas

Of course, you also need to take note of any exclusions in your policy. For one, a Vodafone insurance excess of $200 to $250 applies if you take out a second claim within the 12 month period. PhoneInsure’s standard practice is to review your policy if you make two claims within a 12 month period. Certain incidents will also not be covered in your policy:

  • Intentional damage from you or anyone acting on your behalf
  • If you fail to take proper precautions to safeguard your phone from loss, theft, or damage
  • If the mobile phone was left unattended or if you forgot where you last placed it
  • If it’s possible to make a claim with your manufacturer, supplier, or insurer
  • Problems caused by manufacturing faults, wear or tear, or if it’s caused by a virus or as a result of not following the manufacturer’s instructions

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Vodafone phone insurance in NZ: Things you need to know

Can I purchase Vodafone phone insurance at any time?

Unfortunately not - Aside from being an On Account contract customer, Vodafone only issues PhoneInsure under the following circumstances:

  • When you purchase the insurance at the same time you purchase your mobile
  • If your mobile phone was purchased from a Vodafone store or online store, or as part of a mobile upgrade, within 30 days of the date it was purchased
  • If you’ve received a personalised marketing offer from Vodafone

This doesn’t apply to prepay customers at the time of loss, theft, or damage. Your Vodafone insurance cost depends on the damage incurred by you or your phone. Also, the cover only applies to a single phone and the accessories used with that device.

Does Vodafone advise their customers if there are any changes to the policy?

Yes - Vodafone sends out at least a 30-day notice if your monthly policy is set to change.

How do I make a Vodafone insurance claim for a temporary rental mobile if my device is lost, stolen, or damaged while I’m abroad?

First, you’ll need to retain the necessary receipts for the rental phone provided. Upon returning to NZ, you can lodge a claim with the PhoneInsure team by calling 0800 505 021. They will ask you to provide your receipts as part of your overall claim lodgement.our debt has something to do with your utilities, you can contact your providers to see if you can work out a payment plan. As for loans, you can look into secured loans if you have collateral that you can put forward.