Spark Phone Insurance in NZ

Protect your new mobile device with the right phone insurance policy today. Whether you need cover for accidental loss, damage, or even theft, Spark phone insurance has you covered. Provided you have purchased a Spark network-approved device, you can easily add on their mobile insurance plan for as low as $11.95 per month!

Spark mobile insurance covers your device, battery, charger, and your SIM card, so you’re always good to go, anywhere and anytime!

spark mobile phone insurance

What are you covered for?

A Spark phone insurance policy covers accidental damage, theft, or loss of your mobile device. Subject to its exclusions, the policy covers:

  • Accidental loss, damage, or theft of the device while you are in NZ, or if you have temporarily taken your mobile phone overseas. In this case, you need to provide a return ticket. 
  • Unauthorised usage credit of up to $1,000 for any charges incurred and owed, as long as the device was used in NZ.
  • Rental costs for an equivalent mobile device for up to 14 days, should your phone be accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen while travelling overseas.

Spark phone insurance will not cover your phone under the following circumstances:

  • Your Spark SIM card was not in your device at the time it was lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Intentional or malicious damage was caused by yourself or anyone acting on your behalf.
  • Your mobile device was intentionally lost.
  • You’ve failed to take all reasonable precautions to protect your mobile device.
  • You’ve lost your mobile phone due to it being left unattended in a public place, or any place where you are unauthorised to use a mobile device. This also includes any place of unknown location or one you have already forgotten.
  • When the loss, theft, or damage occurred after loaning the device to someone other than your spouse, legal partner, or other authorised people.
  • When the damage is due to manufacturing defects or workmanship problems.
  • If the damage occurred was due to tampering or using the product outside of the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When the device sent for repair is not found to be faulty or damaged.
  • When the accidental damage was caused by a fire.

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Spark phone insurance in NZ: Things you need to know

How long am I covered for?

The Spark Phone Insurance Policy commences on the date that you purchased your new mobile device and subscribed to the plan and policy. This policy continues unless:

  • You terminate the policy.
  • Spark terminates the policy after evaluating that it is no longer commercially viable to continue covering your device, or when Spark has decided that the device is now technically obsolete.
  • If you’ve received a replacement device after making a claim (although it is possible to renew the policy for the new device).
  • When you sell, lend, or give away the insured device.
  • When your mobile plan ends.

How do I make a claim if my device is lost, stolen, or damaged?

In the event that your device is compromised, you can make a claim by calling 0800 MOB INS (0800 662 467) within 30 days from the date your phone is lost or damaged. For phones that cost $800 or more, you have to pay the Spark insurance excess of $150. You may be required to fill out a claims form, as well as provide any documents and information requested by the claims agent

Does Spark phone insurance in NZ offer refunds?

You can get a refund on your premiums within the first 30 days, should you change your mind about their coverage. Of course, you can’t get a refund once you’ve made a claim.