Cove Phone Insurance in NZ

With smartphone prices rising as new models enter the market, it’s a given that you should take the best precautions to protect your device. Cove Phone Insurance offers a policy that ticks all the right boxes, as it covers your device for accidental damage, theft, and unauthorised use.

*Cove has currently stopped offering phone insurance for the time being. It will be available once again when Cove relaunches a new policy in the near future. Follow this link to sign up for when the new policy is launched.*

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Why buy Cove phone insurance?

  • Comprehensive cover designed by experts
  • Monthly payments, reducing long-term commitments
  • Fast and flexible options, allowing you to manage your insurance online

How do you decide if Cove phone insurance is for you?

Consider taking out a phone insurance policy with Cove if:

  • You have a history of stolen phones or devices lost through accidental damage.
  • You have a top of the line or expensive phone that you wish to secure.
  • You cannot immediately afford a replacement phone if yours was to be compromised.

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Cove phone insurance in NZ: Things you need to know

Is a phone insurance policy good value for money?

This would depend on the circumstances of the person buying phone insurance. When it comes to value for money, it’s not just about the price. You also need to consider convenience. For instance, if your device was lost or damaged, could you afford to go without a phone for a few days, weeks, or even months while you save up to repair or replace it?

Even if you could easily afford to pay out of pocket for a new device, replacing a high-end model can still be quite expensive. Under these circumstances, phone insurance is indeed good value for money, as it can help you out by either covering the costs to repair or replace your mobile phone.

What add-ons does Cove Insurance offer?

Cove Phone Insurance can extend your policy cover to include your phone’s accessories, like its cover/case, wrist strap, portable data drives, and even the phone’s stylus, for up to $100. They also have provisions for accidental loss in their policy as well.