New Year, New Plan: How To Find The Best Broadband Deals

Date Jul 13, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Michael Speight


More often than not, the New Year is the most popular time for people to start making plans for the year ahead. Setting resolutions and creating new goals are on top of most people’s to-do lists. As plans are laid out and goals are set, now comes the time for budgeting and managing finances. 

Electricity, water and broadband are commonly the first set of expenses that are reviewed. Reviewing and updating existing plans can help homeowners save money and allow them to free up more budget for other expenses in their life. Summer is also one of the best times to move to a new home. People are commonly looking for the best broadband deal for their new homes as well. So, what are the first steps that you can take and how can you find the most affordable broadband providers in your area? The glimp Broadband Comparison tool can help you.

Compare Broadband Providers And Plans With Glimp

The glimp Broadband Comparison tool helps New Zealanders compare broadband providers and plans across the country. You can compare your current plan with broadband providers within your area. The tool compares price, speed, and data whilst providing additional information such as contract type, setup costs and termination fees. 

Moving House Soon?

For people who are moving over to a new home, this is the perfect time to assess your current broadband plan. One thing to consider is that while you may have the best broadband plan at your current location, it may not necessarily be the best plan for your new home. Using our tool is a great way to gain a quick overview of how your plan stacks up with local providers. If you’re stuck in a fixed contract, most providers have a service that helps with transferring your plan and helping you set up at your new location. 

Advice For Finding The Best Broadband Plan

We recommend reviewing broadband plans from both your existing broadband provider as well as other providers in your area. Sometimes you may find that your current provider has exclusive broadband plans available for current customers that are more cost effective than switching to a new provider. Be sure to stay up to date with new promotions through email announcements and our broadband tool. 

Broadband providers don’t want their customers switching to another provider so having a discussion with a representative can also be a good solution for gaining a better deal. Furthermore, this works both ways as providers are trying to steal customers from their competitors. You may find an enticing offer to switch over such as free broadband or free gifts. It doesn’t hurt to do some window shopping before making your final decision on whether to switch or not. Check out our free online broadband comparison tool to analyse broadband providers and their deals in your area.

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Christine Henare , 2021-06-25

I’ve just had a great experience with Kurt from glimp compare. He helped me through the process from the time I clicked onto the website, via the chat function. Long story short I have signed up to a new power and broadband provider with significant cost savings. There was no pressure at any stage, just respectful guidance and facilitation to initiate the new supply.

Ron Puni , 2021-05-29

Easiest service to use and knowledgeable and experienced staff. Made switching power and broadband stress free! Thanks Jamie S, they answered all my questions I had about starting a new connection for broadband and power - even better than calling Slingshot direct as I got 3 months free internet and credit for using my own modem :)

HRH Cloaks , 2021-06-19

Virtually instant contact after filling out online form. Great rep - friendly and informative, great deal made for cheaper power, overall so far so good 😁

Adrienne Slater , 2021-07-12

Used Glimp to get a better deal on gas/power Jamie S made things very easy and was super helpful. Would definitely recommend