New Alert Level Rules: Step 2 Of Level 3 Guidelines

Nov 2, 2021
By Staff writer

What are Alert Level 3 steps 1 - 3? As restrictions ease up in some parts of New Zealand, new Covid guidelines will be observed.

While the rest of NZ is at Alert Level 2, Waikato will be reduced to step 2 Level 3 on 2 November, Tuesday. It's possible that Auckland could be moved to Level 3 Step 2 on 9 November.

With more people getting vaccinated and fewer community transmissions in the neighbourhood, more activities can be done outside of the home just in time for the holidays.

Here's a quick rundown of Level 3, Steps 1 to 3 as applied by the NZ Government.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

- Work or study from home

- Wear face covering when leaving your home and when physical distancing is not possible

- Keep scanning QR codes, or keep track of where you go

The following activities are permitted:

- Outdoor social gatherings between 2 households with a maximum of 10 people

- People from another household over for dinner in your backyard, but CANNOT enter your house or use indoor facilities.

- Wear a face covering and keep 2 metres apart from the other household.

- Children can have playdates with 1 other household at a time — as long it is outside and they do not go inside or use indoor facilities.

- Meet close friends and whānau from 1 other household at the park for a picnic or BBQ but CANNOT travel in the same vehicle as people from the other household. 

- Golf

- Hunting

- Sailing and boating — limited to people from the same household

- Fishing from a private motorised boat or vessel

- Scuba diving

- Jetskiing

- Recreational flying

- Yoga or boot camp, limited to 10 people (from up to 10 households), including the instructor. Everyone must stay 2 metres apart with face covering.

- Early learning centres can reopen to all children, with a maximum of 10 children in each bubble

- Home-based services can provide education and care for children from multiple families with the regulated maximum number of children. Bubbles are not required.

- Adults should aim to keep a 1m distance from other adults. Services should consider staggering drop-off and pick-ups and manage this outside if they are able.

- Early learning staff must get tested for COVID-19 and provide evidence of a negative test result within 5 days of receiving it before returning to work on-site, even if they do not have symptoms and regardless of their vaccination status.

- Early learning staff (employed and volunteers) who are not fully vaccinated must continue to get tested for COVID-19 and provide evidence of a negative test result every 7 days while working on-site at Alert Level 3. Regular testing helps to identify any undetected chains of transmission in the community.

The following are permitted:

- Retail with customers keeping 2 metres apart, and staff and customers to wear face coverings 

- Libraries, museums and zoos and people keeping 2 metres apart

- Outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people can go ahead, with the removal of the 2-household restriction with physical distancing  

- Outdoor organised exercise classes, like yoga and bootcamps, can expand to 25 people, including instructors, with 2-metre physical distancing required

The following are permitted:

- Cafes, bars, and restaurants with a limit of 50 people

- Cinemas, casinos, and theatres can open with a limit of 50 people in a defined space, wearing face coverings and 2-metre physical distancing

- Hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons with workers wearing face coverings 

- Social gatherings, indoors and outdoors with a limit of 50 people in a defined space

Source: Covid19 NZ


Level 3 restrictions for steps 1 to 3:

  • Gyms and indoor recreation facilities 
  • Overnight stays at your bach or AirBnB accommodation 
  • Most team sports, such as basketball or volleyball 
  • Camping, including hiring a campervan 
  • Close-contact businesses such as hairdressers and barbers  

Can I go to the hairdresser?

Not yet. Step 2 Level 3 prohibits hairdressers, even if done in the garden, with the exception of doing it at home by yourself or with a member of the household. 

Are malls open at Level 3?

Malls are open at Steps 2 and 3 Level 3 as long as customers maintain a physical distance of 2 metres and wear face coverings.

When will the alert level ease up in Auckland?

Auckland will stay in Level 3 until further notice. Although it will be eased up to Step 3 next week, cases and community transmissions in the area must be monitored first.

You can easily plan your everyday activities if you understand the differences between these alert levels. Stay safe and updated!

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