MyRepublic Launches Nationwide Gigabit Fibre

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Fibre Broadband Provider, MyRepublic has today announced residential Gigabit Fibre broadband across all 33 Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) towns and cities.

In an announcement this morning (Thursday 8 September), Chorus have joined the other Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) Enable, Northpower Fibre and Ultrafast Fibre (UFF) advising that from 1 October a 1000Mbps/500Mbps service would be available to all 33 UFB towns and cities.

MyRepublic MD, Vaughan Baker says the announcement allows us to deliver residential Gigabit services across all of New Zealand. This is a direct result of the company working with infrastructure providers campaigning for introduction of Gigabit Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) technology.

Feenix Communications has been appointed as an additional provider to support MyRepublic’s rollout to consumers and to deliver a purpose-built network to support the gig over the UFB network. Feenix CEO, David Heald says “The company is utilising the latest networking technology from Nokia to provide the core backhaul network fabric required to support the gig experience.”

Nokia Oceania Managing Director Ray Owen said “Nokia is a strong believer in the ability of ultra-broadband to enable innovation and support future growth in the New Zealand economy. MyRepublic and Feenix Communications are at the forefront of the market, delivering gigabit services for more New Zealanders, and we’re delighted to support their work.

Baker says MyRepublic aims to have as many Kiwis as possible on a Gigabit connections and therefore it will automatically upgrade all 200Mbps residential customers across New Zealand to a 1000Mbps gig plan for no additional cost in October.

Additionally, new customers who sign up to MyRepublic’s 200Mbps service in those centres ahead of October will be upgraded at no charge as soon as it is live.  

MyRepublic led the way when Gigabit services were announced in Dunedin, Christchurch, Hamilton, Whangarei Tauranga, New Plymouth and Wanganui, with the first residential plans available to order from $59.99 for the first six months and then $119.99 for the remaining 18 months of a 24-month term.

“MyRepublic puts customers first. Everyone’s busy and customers shouldn’t have to contact their ISP and negotiate a new contract or beg to be upgraded to the gig.”

“UFB technology is a nationally owned resource and MyRepublic wants it shared with as many businesses and individuals as possible to ensure everyone in New Zealand benefits from this fantastic national infrastructure,” Baker says.

Purpose-built for the fastest Next Generation National Broadband Network (NBN) in 2011, Internet Service Provider MyRepublic continues to redefine the standard of fibre broadband services in Singapore and the region. Having launched in New Zealand, Indonesia and soon Australia, MyRepublic continues to push the boundaries with its innovative and consumer-centric service offerings, with its latest sights set on the Singapore mobility market.

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