Tower Motorcycle Insurance

Tower Insurance has over 150 years of experience, kicking off in 1869 when the Government Life Insurance Office (Government Life) was created in New Zealand.  Government Life was renamed as Tower Corporation in 1987. Today, they offer a wide range of insurance to secure Kiwis financially, including car insurance and house insurance. 

Years of experience have made them one of the most trusted insurers in NZ who can understand the kinds of policies that Kiwis need. They’re your stop to get affordable and fair insurance for your motorcycle — whether you’re after a comprehensive cover with all the benefits or a third party, fire and theft cover. 

Get a Tower motorbike insurance quote and start insuring your ride today! Compare Tower motorcycle insurance from other deals and find out which suits your needs the best.

tower motorcycle insurance quote nz

Why secure your motorcycle with Tower Insurance?

Tower Insurance makes everything simple so you don’t get lost in the technicalities. The application process can be done online or through phone, from getting a Tower motorbike insurance quote to making claims. You can also earn Airpoints Dollars when you make payments so you can maximize all your gains. You also qualify for a Multi-Policy Discount when you have other insurance policies from Tower. Tower Insurance provides you with one of the simplest insurance processes that optimizes your gains and aligns to your preferences.

Multi-Policy Discount

Streamlining your policies into one saves you money. Instead of paying each policy which can lump the fees, you can pay them all in a single transaction. You’re entitled to 20% off your total payments, depending on the number and type of insurance policies with Tower. This also saves you time in paying for each insurance separately. You can pay them all in a single transaction, including the excess when making a claim on more than one policy. Apply for a multi-policy discount online in three simple steps:

  • Get a quote using the bundle builder
  • Register the insurance policies you want
  • Get a 20% discount on your insurance bundle

Tower Motorbike Insurance NZ

Comprehensive Cover

This is Tower’s most comprehensive motorcycle policy to cover for accidental loss and damages on your motorcycle, and damages you’ve caused to another party and their property. Key benefits include:

  • Repair on your damaged motorcycle 
  • New vehicle replacement with the same model 
  • Fire and theft cover 
  • Accessories cover
  • Replacement for keys and locks if the motorcycle was lost, stolen, or illegally duplicated
  • Up to $1,000 cover on a motorbike you’ll rent when your vehicle is damaged or stolen
  • Up to $1,000 cover on riding gears you’ll rent when yours were stolen or damaged

Third party fire and theft

This insurance policy covers you specifically for fire and theft and for damages you cause to someone’s property. Key benefits include:

  • Fire and theft cover
  • No-claims bonus when you didn’t make a claim in the last year of your insurance
  • Up to $750 rental for a motorcycle or car when yours was damaged or stolen
  • Up to $750 rental for riding gears when yours were damaged or stolen
  • Accessories cover