An Overview Of The Most Popular Travel Insurance Packages

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Researching for the best travel insurance packages before you head off on your trip? It’s human nature to look for the best deals before you make any purchase.

Travel insurance may not be as frequently bought as something like an electronic device, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compare the packages offered by travel insurance companies. 

We’re going to look at some of the most popular and affordable travel insurance packages from a range of providers such as NZ Travel Insurance, Chubb New Zealand, and Columbus Direct.

Travel Insurance quotes vary based on factors such as the destination, the duration of the trip, as well as the age of the traveller.

For this feature, we are going to look at what a 25-year-old traveller can expect to pay if they are travelling to Australia, the United States, or Japan for two weeks! Check out the results below.

Best Australian Travel Insurance Quotes

If you are travelling to Australia for two weeks in the month of June, you can expect to pay from $29.00 to $92.50 for travel insurance.

NZ Travel Insurance are offering a $29.00 package that provides basic cover. In this package, some of the benefits you can expect include medical cover, 24/7 emergency assistance, personal liability cover, luggage cover, cancellation cover and much more. 

Travel insurance providers offer different levels of coverage, so you may find that there is a basic coverage plan, a more comprehensive coverage plan and then a top-tier coverage plan which might be called premier or prestige travel insurance cover.

How can you decide which coverage type best suits your needs? This is entirely up to you, as it depends on a number of unique factors. 

For example, if you are carrying expensive valuables, you may want to choose a travel insurance plan that offers more coverage for personal liability.

All travel insurance providers have their own set of cover limits so it is best to compare travel insurance quotes from a range of providers.

Best United States Travel Insurance Quotes

Planning a trip to the United States? A 25-year-old traveller that is visiting the United States for two weeks in June can expect to pay at least $102.50 for travel insurance protection.

Chubb Travel Insurance are offering the best deal at the current time. Their range of benefits include medical expense cover, trauma counselling while overseas, travel-related cover, overseas phone charge cover in emergencies, and a selection of personal accident coverage. 

Best Japanese Travel Insurance Quotes

Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations for holiday seekers. For a two-week trip to Japan in June, a 25-year-old can expect to pay at least $78.00 for Japan travel insurance.

Columbus Direct are currently offering a cheap travel insurance package which offers medical cover, 24/7 emergency assistance, personal liability cover, luggage cover, cancellation cover, travel delay cover and many other benefits. 

For more information about choosing the best travel insurance for your holiday, try our free travel insurance comparison quote. Simply enter your destination, travel date, and age information to get the latest travel insurance quote for your next holiday destination!  

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