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Glimp wants you to be in good hands when you’re looking for a massage provider. We understand the importance of physical wellness; that’s why we compare all the different providers and services for your convenience. Simply tell us your location, and the kind of massage you need, and we’ll find a massage provider that suits you in no time!

Thousands of Kiwis have trusted Glimp in their search for the best services – and now it’s your turn. Get ready to relieve those aches and tense muscles today!

Best massage services in New Zealand

Massage services in New Zealand are world-class and exceptional. Massage therapy varies from Thai massage and deep tissue relaxation to full-body and pressure point massage. New Zealand has no less than a hundred massage providers around the country, proving that Kiwis have an array of options to relax and revitalize. Because there are so many providers, you may need help in selecting the best option.

Select a massage in Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, or other parts of the country using our comparison tool. You’ll be able to view services, prices, and massage styles side by side all on one page.

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How does our massage comparison work?

There are hundreds of massage providers scattered throughout the country, and it can be confusing when you’re looking for a particular service that many of them offer. At Glimp, we’ll lay down the best options based on your preferences, to help make your decision easier.

Quick and easy to use

Our comparison page makes it easy for you to choose the best deal. You’ll see offers side by side to help you make a decision. We make sure that every second counts when you compare and switch with us!

Find your massage provider, free of charge

Here at Glimp, we’re dedicated to helping you find massage experts and services easily and hassle-free. Best of all, our comparison tool is always free and available to use! We believe that the best things in life are free, so comparing services with us won’t cost you a thing!

Get your tailored results

We get straight to the point, so that you’ll get tailored results fast and easy. We cut out the fluff and show you only the details that matter. We’ll only ask a few basic questions, such as your estimated budget, preferred location, and schedule - and from here, you’ll be able to view all of the best offers in your area.

Why compare massage providers with Glimp?

We save you time and money

We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis like you save time, money, and effort. Simply tell us your location, your preferred massage treatment, and your estimated budget, and we’ll help you find the massage provider that matches your needs best.

Best place to compare

Glimp uses a comprehensive comparison tool that filters world-class massage providers depending on your preferences. We ensure to give you only the most accurate results for the finest masseuses in the country.

Compare massage services for free

On top of our quick and easy process, our comparison tool is 100% free! Whether you’re just looking for a therapeutic massage or a deep tissue sports massage, it’ll cost you nothing to use our service.

They talk about us

Glimp is a trusted comparison website in New Zealand, renown for helping thousands of Kiwis every day. Stuff, NZ Herald, SolarCity, Truenet, NBR, and many more talk about us.

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Duncan Plunkett , 2021-04-23

Glimp were bloody great. I have very recently lost my wife and was dreading changing everything out of her name and resigning and looking for best deals but Glimp made the process so bloody easy. Thank you so much Glimp you guys rock.

Kay Urlich , 2021-05-11

Thank you. Very helpful, lots of info and friendly!

Emil Johnsen , 2021-04-15

Their was no report shown when I was credit checked and I went through the check to many times two days of checking thank you Emil

Katie Uelese , 2021-01-18

I found Glimp when I was looking for Internet Providers that I would have to sit through and compare myself. I at first thought Glimp was an Internet provider but then I was pleasantly surprised when they came up as a website solely for comparing all sorts of different things so the customer could find the best deal. I found my new Internet provider on there and even found out I could be with a better Power company then the one I am with now. Very Useful and I recommend Glimp to the bargain hunters!