In A Nutshell: Switching Providers Under Covid-19 Using Glimp

Date Jul 14, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Staff writer

We are in the era where everything can be purchased online and the idea has even grown in the broadband market where Glimp services come into place.

 With the restrictions in place brought by the government's response to COVID-19, Glimp is committed to provide help to customers looking to switching broadband services, earn savings, and grab exclusive offers from different providers.

 For Glimp, our top priority is the safety of our customers, delivering digital assistance in switching customers to preferred deals with the best customer experience possible.



We have put plans to make sure all of our teams are able to support and provide service to customers while working from home. Hence, it means we are fully operational and ready to assist you during business hours.


People across New Zealand are encouraged to work from home or stay at home and so this is a perfect time to ensure you and your family has the best broadband service at home. Our team can assist you find the best deal based on your address and be ready to get connected to broadband speed of your choice.


Generally, broadband and communication services are deemed as essential services. Chorus, which is the largest network provider in New Zealand, will prioritize repairing faults as quickly as possible, and connecting locations where no other form of fixed line connectivity is available.

As the government provided policies during this lockdown, our partner providers have laid down specific guidelines to ensure minimal to no impact on your services. Our team will be able to provide you further information when you call and rest assured that there will be an interim solution to keep you connected to broadband while switch is in process.

 Most properties have either fiber or copper lines, but there are some circumstances--like new builds that have nothing, these are essential and will continue to go ahead with scheduled installations at limited pace.


We understand how you are keen to get the fastest speed which is fiber--after all, we want the best service possible. However, in the event that a technician will need to go to your property to install, please expect some delays as we are considering several factors such as safety of network provider's technicians, limited movement, and schedules.

Because so much depends on the type of broadband switch you’re making, we recommend you look up the name of your existing service first. It’ll really help you find out if your switch can go ahead with no delays.

Having this said, there are broadband providers available in our selections where they can offer VDSL first and then upgrade to fiber as soon as community lockdown is over. Our telesales team will be able to provide you further information during your conversation with them.


All modems will be delivered and all logistics relating to this shall be considered business as usual (BAU). Some of our partner providers have a 3-4 month stocks of hardware to ensure availability. They have also ordered additional stocks to ensure business continuity.


We can help you out selecting the best deal on your area. Compare broadband plans now.

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Karyn Swallow , 2022-03-14

Extremely easy and fast to show suitable and economical choices, and also special promotions , I used it to find the best value and most suitable broadband for my situation. I am very happy with the results and to also see and understand the comparisons between the different businesses and their offerings. Will definitely use Glimp again

Kijo “Anyway” , 2022-04-21

Nice experience and helped me found my suitable power, telecom and gas provider.

tom anderson , 2022-04-06

Fast easy service - was able to tailor to my situation. Would recommend!

Salote Fonua , 2022-03-02

Larry G was very helpful when we were setting our internet provider. He was very informative and patient with the process. Glimp is an awesome website when comparing and switching power/internet providers.