How to save money: Reasonable and completely unreasonable tips

Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer


So you finally found the one: The perfect car. Or dress. Or that pair of Yeezys you gotta have. Or maybe you have your sights on something bigger: your OE, or even a house.

What’s the one thing holding you back from the perfect whatever? MONEY. Meaning, the sooner you cut your costs, the sooner your precious will be in your hands. So what can you do? 

Make sure all of your spending is getting the best value for you as often as possible. We’re not saying cut your daily flat white out of your budget -- if that morning drop and chat with the cute barista brings you joy, by all means keep at it. 

Surely, overspending on everyday things is not bringing you joy. If your 2017 resolution is to save a little more money, consider the following as some suggestions:

THIS SUMMER: Lucky for us Kiwis, warmer temps and summer breezes means your utility bills are possibly the lowest they will be all year. So open up the windows, or better yet, get out of the house. 

  • Instead of going out, take advantage of as many free events in your city or town… Google your town plus “free movies” or “free events” or check the local papers for event listings. Then throw $20+ in your savings account. That’s what you would have spent for a night out, right? 
  • Instead of cranking the air con, make fancy cheap ice blocks to keep cool. Take them to the beach or the park. Become everyone’s newest friend. Try out one of these recipes here.
  • The weather is getting a little TOO hot? Don’t turn on the air con. Sleep naked. Just be sure to close the door to your bedroom… and shut the blinds!

AUTUMN: Buhbye long days at the beach, hello … shorter days at the beach and chillier nights. This is the perfect time to make sure you and your home are ready for brisk weather.

  • Check your windows and doors for potential drafts. If you can feel any cool air seeping in, buy draft guards for your doors and ask your landlord or handyman for help sealing your windows. A $10 draft guard could save you hundreds on your heating bill! That’s hundreds you can throw into your savings account.
  • Review how much you’re spending on electricity and explore if there’s a better deal out there. Glimp can help find the best deal for you and lock it in before the heater tempts you. 
  • Feeling chilly? Eat a chili. You’ll be warm in no time, no need to fire up the heater. Can’t stand the chili heat? Try a nice red wine instead -- but please sip responsibly. 

WINTER: For those of you near winter wonderlands, ski and snowboard season is a reason to smile. For others, winter means grey, windy, rainy blahs. You’ll refuse to leave the house. This time of year is also when you’ll spend the most on electricity, so let’s prevent that...

  • Be reasonable with how much heat you use. Do you really need to heat every room in the house? Can you throw on a jumper or five of them? If using an electric blanket, can you put it on the lowest setting? Try to stop yourself from going overboard on heating, and your wallet will thank you. 
  • Instead of going the electric blanket route, buy yourself a onesie instead. Get yourself one of these. Baby, you’ll look so good. 
  • Bake something. There’s nothing like a warm oven to heat up the kitchen and fill your home with the smell of delicious noms. If you make a roast: everyone will love you, plus the leftovers for lunch the next day saves you a trip to the local bakery or cafe. Cha-ching (that’s the sound of savings in your pocket in your puffy coat).
  • Double check that your internet plan has unlimited data. Surely, you, your family, your flatmates will want to spend more time on Netflix binges now that the weather is cold. Check here to see if you are getting the best deal.

SPRING: Woohoo! Warmer weather comes in fits and starts. Everything is looking a little greener (including your wallet, if you’ve followed our tips the rest of the year). Here’s how to top off your accounts…

  • Go through your closet and get rid of what you won’t wear anymore. Sell what’s in good stuff via consignment/second-hand shop or TradeMe. Or do a clothes swap with your friends and flatmates. A little extra cash and a couple of sweet trades will have you looking great. 
  • SPRING CLEAN! Find yourself an empty bowl or vessel, then vacuum and sweep EVERYWHERE: In between cushions of your couch, under the bed, make like Mike Hosking and vacuum your car… Surely you will find at least $10 in coins.
  • Plant some flowers and herbs. Sounds naff? Naw. Gardening is a stress reliever and you could save money by growing what you need instead of buying it at the store. Plus, you’ll make someone really happy when you’ve got some mint for mojitos and some flowers to give. You skux, you.


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