5 Most Popular Ways To Pay Your NZ Broadband Bill

Apr 8, 2021
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By Staff writer

Paying your broadband bill doesn’t have to be difficult! Leading internet providers in NZ offer different payment methods for your monthly billing statements. From mobile or internet banking, provider’s mobile app, direct debits, one-off payments, to cash, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Check out this comprehensive list of the most popular ways to pay your monthly broadband bill, including its perks, caveats, and fees. Note that these vary per provider, so it’s best to consult them ahead as well.

1. Direct debit

As a broadband bill recurs monthly, you can pay via direct debit from your bank account. Some broadband providers let you set this up easily on their website or mobile app. They even give you options to charge your payments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly! 

You can also enquire with your internet provider to set this up for you. Most providers accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express with the recurring payment taking into effect in the next monthly billing period.

How can you set up a direct debit with your bank account?

The step-by-step process differs per broadband provider and bank. Most companies let you process this through their website or mobile app. If your broadband provider or bank doesn’t offer this, you can generally follow this process.

  1. Contact your broadband provider to request for a direct debit payment
  2. Provide your bank account details such as credit card number, expiry date, and three-digit code at the back of the card, and OTP
  3. Recheck and confirm all the details before authorising the direct debit payment request

Most providers can only process your direct debit payments through calls, but some can also process through chats. As a rule of thumb, always re-confirm this payment process and set up with your bank to ensure the transaction is legitimate.


What are the fees related to direct debit payments?

The amount of the charges varies depending on your broadband provider and bank. Some may also apply for more fees than others. It’s recommended to check these before setting up your direct debit payments

  • Direct debit fees - Aside from your base charge, some providers may charge an extra 1-5% of the total amount.
  • Interest charges - Like any transactions, interest charges apply, especially if the interest-free period of your account has passed.
  • Declined payments - If you reached the credit limit and the payment didn’t go through, your broadband provider and bank may charge you dishonour fees.
  • Overdraft charges - Some providers may still process your direct debit payment even if you reached the credit limit. However, they charge this with the interest fees and overdraft charges.

Traditionally, banks and providers charge even more fees. Nowadays, most of them have dropped these charges as this payment method is encouraged among Kiwis.

2. POLi Payments

POLi payments are another popular method to pay your broadband bill. They make fund transfers to your provider quicker and easier. Most of all, these are safe and secure, even giving you the option to make one-off payments.

The great thing about POLi payments is, it has no additional fees! Check out some banks that support this payment method. Do note that some broadband providers may only accept some of these banks. Consult your provider to know your best options for POLi payments.

  • ASB
  • ANZ
  • Bank Direct
  • BNZ
  • Kiwibank
  • TSB Bank
  • Westpac

How can you process POLi payments?

You can process this easily through mobile banking or the provider’s mobile app. Your transaction is protected with the bank’s authentication and security features. You can have the confidence that your information is protected, especially as POLi doesn’t capture passwords.

  1. Select the POLi payment option on the website or mobile app of the provider.
  2. Choose the bank that you want to transfer money using POLi
  3. Follow the instructions on the mobile app or website.
  4. Receive a receipt indicating that your payment has been successful

What are the caveats of POLi payments?

An internet banking bill payment that doesn’t incur fees is indeed great! However, only a few providers support this payment option, for now — mostly big NZ companies. Unless you’re subscribed to one of the local or rural providers, you may not be able to take advantage of this payment option.

As this is getting increasingly popular, you may be able to take advantage of this sooner! Make sure to always check with your provider for POLi payment options.

3. One-off payments

One-off payments use your credit card to pay your broadband bill. This allows you to pay your bill without incurring frequent and often high fees. Broadband providers allow you to choose from 12, 18,24, and 36 months.

If you don’t want to commit to monthly payments, this is a great option for you! However, this may mean paying for an expensive fee upfront. The shorter you pay one-off, the more your interest fees become. Consult your broadband provider for a more comprehensive list of fees.

What are the considerations when paying one-off?

To pay one-off, you usually have two options: in-person and online. Broadband providers usually only support credit cards to process these payments. However, some may also support POLi payments. Make sure to know your best options before processing your payments.

  • Cash advance payments - Some banks consider one-off payments as cash advances. For example, you process your payment through POLi, but you’re still paying through your credit card. These are often processed as cash advance payments.
  • Credit card surges - Although you can skip some interest fees, you may still have to pay for surcharges from your bank as well as your broadband provider.
  • Interest fees - If you pay this expensive fee upfront, you may also have to pay for high interests upfront. It’s one thing to note especially if you go pass the interest-free days.


Can you avoid high charges using POLi payments?

Yes! As mentioned, you can settle your one-off broadband bill without incurring high fees using POLi payments! Some fees you can save are interest, and surcharges, among others! If you’re able to take advantage of this, it’s highly recommended to pay using POLi. 

4. Internet or mobile banking

Internet or mobile banking is one of the most popular ways to pay your broadband bill. It’s easy, accessible, and can be done with just a few clicks. Simply create an account using your bank account information to get started.

Different banking websites and applications have different processes. You can simply follow these instructions and you’re good to go! Typically, you can select your broadband provider from a drop-down menu. To know the step-by-process, check with your bank.

Can you set up automatic or one-off payments?

Yes! Most banking apps allow you to set up automatic payments and one-off payments. Some apps may even allow you to notify you if your due date is nearing or if your balance or limit isn’t enough for payments.

To set this up, you need to prepare the following information:

  • Broadband account number
  • Provider’s bank name
  • Provider’s bank account number
  • SWIFT Code (if applicable)
  • OTP and reference number (if applicable)

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What if your bank doesn’t have a mobile app?

If your bank doesn’t have an internet or banking app — most applicable for small-time rural providers — you can process your broadband bill payments using bank transfers. Simply go to the physical bank to process this. Otherwise, you may contact them via phone, chat, or email to process these transfers for you.

5. Provider’s internet and mobile app

If you can’t take advantage of mobile and internet banking, you may be able to take advantage of your provider’s internet and mobile app! You can pretty much do everything you can do with mobile and internet banking apps, and more!

Aside from paying your broadband bill, it lets you monitor your broadband plan. Some of the features you can do within the app are managing your data cap, looking back at your previous billing statements, purchase add-ons and extras, among others.

Which providers have their designated mobile app?

Luckily, most major broadband providers now have their designated mobile apps where you can do a wide variety of functions. If you’re a subscriber to one of these providers, download their mobile app today. 

These mobile applications are available both on iOS and Android. Each one offers different features, so your experience may differ greatly.

What are other ways to pay your broadband bill?

Aside from these payment methods, there are still plenty of ways to settle your billing. Some of them include:

  • Cash or EFTPOS
  • Post office or bank
  • Directly at the store
  • Over the phone

If you’re unable to settle your bill because of financial hardships, contact your provider. Some companies offer financial support and may even arrange payment terms that match your needs and situation.

Which payment method is the best for you?

As usual, it depends on your situation. If you don’t find the hassle to go to the bank every time, then pay over the counter to avoid incurring some bank charges. If you live in a remote area, paying through the post office may work better for you.

Nonetheless, paying direct debit, POLi, one-off, and online banking are some of your best payment options. To make sure you have the right credit card to finance your monthly bills, always compare your best options right here at glimp! 

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