How To Make More Money Online: Lucrative Side Jobs In New Zealand

May 17, 2021
By Staff writer

Earning money while going online seems extremely complicated, but it’s actually much easier than it sounds. With just a little Google-ing, you can find an online side job that matches your skills and qualifications. 

Online side hustles are a great way to make extra money because you can work on it at home using the things that you already have, such as a working device and fast broadband. The best part is, you can get productive in your free time while earning some cash at the same time!

Check out the easiest and most accessible ways to make money online.


1. Write blogs, articles, and web content

If you have a knack for promoting brands through writing, be a freelance content writer or copywriter! Aside from articles, blogs, and content, you may also be tasked to write online newsletters, social media posts, brand decks, and more.

Depending on your portfolio and years of experience, you can earn between $20-50 per hour! You can set your rate for around $300 for every two 500-800 word articles. You can find freelance writing jobs by keeping your LinkedIn and Upwork profiles active and updated.

2. Edit and proofread content

Do you have a keen eye for spelling and grammatical errors? Earn extra income by checking articles, blogs, and other online content. Proofreaders can also set their rates, just like freelance writers. Of course, the more experience you have, the higher the rate you can set.

To be qualified, clients give you a series of exams to prove your mastery of grammar. Usually, proofreaders have experiences working as a writer, so they can simply tap into their existing networks to get freelance projects.

3. Teach English to kids and foreigners

English is considered the universal language for most of the world. Luckily, most Kiwis are taught English since young, as the official language of New Zealand. To start teaching, you have to pass the TOEIC exam and get a proficient score. That’s all you need — no teaching experience is required for most companies.

Your rate varies greatly depending on the company. Your experiences and expertise also play a part. On average, you can earn up to USD25 per hour. This doesn’t include your time for preparing a lesson plan and visual aids.

4. Stream your gameplay

If you’re racking up kills and are confident about your gameplay, try being a streamer! Most gamers stream on Twitch because they can easily land sponsorships and partnerships, thanks to the big gaming community in the platform. They can earn anywhere from USD10,000-40,000 per year, depending on your number of followers.

However, other social platforms — even Facebook — are now gaining traction for gamers. As they’re relatively new to streaming games, it can be difficult to calculate an estimate. Like Twitch, streamers also earn money from sponsorships, as well as tips in the form of crypto from their supporters.

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5. Test video games before release

Being an avid gamer is just one of the criteria for being a playtester. As the game is still in its development stage, your gaming experience may not be what you expect. More than being a gamer yourself, you need to be analytical and objective to ensure the game is near perfection once it’s released to the public.

It’s a tough and time-demanding job as you need to test the game over and over again. If you’re not bothered by a buggy gaming experience and want to rather improve it, you can earn up to USD67,813 per year. It’s not as a popular online side hustle, compared to years ago, but there are still plenty of developers that pre-test their games.

6. Check the user journey on websites

If games are tested over and over again before public release, the same is true for websites. From launching the landing page to making sure every link is redirected to where it should be, website testers check through every web page to improve on the users’ interface and experience. Most websites do this, but this is more common with eCommerce websites.

Similarly, you also need to be analytical when testing websites. For eCommerce websites, you may even need to purchase their products to ensure that everything works from start to finish. This rigorous job can pay up to USD10 for every 10-20 minutes.

7. Be a Social Media influencer

Do you have what it takes to share your life, knowledge, and skills through Instagram or TikTok? With over 1.074 billion users, you can easily tap into an extensive network to build your influence and following. The more followers, likes, and engagements, the more chances of brands reaching out for partnerships and sponsorships.

Numbers are just one part of the picture. You must have valuable and attractive content that can convert these sponsorships and partnerships into sales for these brands. For your fixed rates, you can always negotiate them with the client.

8. Launch a YouTube channel

If you have a passion for video making and have content to share — be it educational, entertainment, daily vlogs, song covers, or just about anything  — share them on YouTube! A lot of Kiwi channels like McCreamy, Living Big In A Tiny House, and Shaaanxo found a full-time career through the platform.

Sure, it may be difficult to stay above the competition, but if you have your niche and the wits to up your game, you can earn up to USD26 million a year! The more followers, advertisements, partnerships, sponsorships, and views you have, the higher the income you can earn.

9. Host webinars or online courses

Do you want to share important lessons about your area of expertise? Whether it’s entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, social media management, or SEO, you can earn a good chunk of money by teaching aspirants valuable tips and tricks about the field.

For webinars, you can conduct them through different channels. Usually, most hosts invite through social media platforms and conduct them on video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet. On the other hand, Udemy, edX, and LinkedIn Learning are great platforms for your online courses. Your income depends on how many people sign up for the webinar or how many people complete the course.


10. Design marketing materials for brands

Freelance graphic designing isn’t just about being proficient in design software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. You must also speak the language of marketing to convey the message that brands want to tell their audience. If you have the talent and the skills, you can earn up to $85 per hour!

You can build your design portfolio through platforms such as Behance and PosterGully. It’s important to note that your rate can vary depending on the project. Some projects may require advanced design knowledge like 3D rendering, which may pay more than usual projects.

11. Transcribe or translate videos

If you see subtitles while watching your favourite foreign series or movie, it’s big thanks to transcribers. They encode the audio and indicate the timestamp to match it with the video while playing. Transcribers can earn up to USD15-USD22 per audio hour. Shows with medical and legal topics usually have higher rates.

If you’re fluent in other languages, it’s an advantage on your end. You can land projects which let you transcribe and translate movies and series. This comes with another rate, which should be higher considering it requires much more knowledge.

11. Complete online surveys

Surveys can be a good source of income in your downtime. By simply completing surveys from different websites, you can earn USD1 for every 100 points. Different websites such as Survey Junkie, Global Market Insight, and SurveyClub have different pointing systems, but most corresponds to 50-450  points per completed survey.

Unlike other online gigs on this list, it’s not something that can bring the big bucks. However, it provides easier money in such a short time. An average survey can be completed within 5 minutes, so it’s not a bad way to earn extra income online.

12. Sell your best photographs and footages

Do you have a passion for photography? Sell your best shots on stock photo websites like Flickr, Alarmy, Shutterstock, and iStock Photo, among others. For the most part, selling your photos means selling the rights for them as well. Depending on the niche of your photo, you can earn up to USD500 per photo! 

If selling photos can already earn you good money, you can make much more if you sell your footages. Depending on the length, the content of the video, the angles, among other factors, you can sell your stock videos for up to USD250 per footage.

13. Narrate podcasts and audiobooks

Podcasts and audiobooks keep on growing in demand, making them a profitable online side job. There’s a wide range of platforms now made available and accessible such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and more. Apart from the fixed rate, you can earn incentives when your work has garnered more listens. 

For every finished audio hour of audiobooks, you can earn as much as USD500. For podcasts, you can earn up to USD900 per episode depending on the number of listens and downloads. Aside from incentives, this can also go up depending on your experience.

14. Start offering freelance services

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money is by offering freelance services. Some of the most popular services include web development including programming, front and back-end support, and web design, as well as financial services such as stock management, consultancy, accounting, and insurance.

What’s more, freelance services in New Zealand are not limited to these services. Marketing, SEO, PR, and virtual assistance are also becoming increasingly popular. Of course, the pay for these services is extremely varied per industry and per service.

15. Invest in trusted cryptocurrencies

Cryptos may not be as popular now, but it’s gaining traction slowly but surely. Just this year, Dogecoin skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to famous figures like Elon Musk promoting it indirectly. Aside from Doge, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are some of the most trusted and most stable cryptos today.

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Your returns of investments are heavily dependent on how you trade your stocks. It’s best to get more information about crypto so you can reap higher returns. Get more knowledgeable in the risky crypto investment process through websites like BitDegree and Binance Academy.

Have an uninterrupted online workflow

For every online side job, it’s very important to have an uninterrupted workflow. To have peak productivity, it’s a must to have the right tools that help you create quality work and meet tight deadlines. One of the most important tools for an online job is a fast and stable broadband plan that matches your needs.

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