What’s My IP? Get Your Public And Private IP Address Details

Date Apr 14, 2021
Blog category Broadband
By Tina M.

An IP address is simply the assigned address of your computer or device, which uses a unique combination of numbers. 

The “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol.” The “address” refers to the numbers that are given by the ISP to your PC or any connected device, e.g. tablet, laptop, or phone.

It may not be as interesting as you think, but knowing your IP address can help you with your internet connection, whether you’re at home or in public. 

What’s the use of IP address?

Your IP address has a major role in connecting you to the online world. Like at work, there are protocols to be followed. When you’re trying to connect to the internet, your PC or device follows a list of “built-in network protocols” to exchange information and data between you (or your computer) and the internet.

Your IP address is not permanent. You carry a different IP address every time you connect to another network. It changes every time, no matter how often you visit your favourite coffee shop or establishment. Even at home, your IP address changes when you turn your router on and off.


Can I be located using my IP address?

If someone wants to locate your actual residential address, they need to do more than just tracking your IP address. People are more likely to find you when you post your name and private information online.

But for marketing purposes, it’s common for brands to use geolocation or an address tracker to offer their latest products and services as seen in ads that appear on your screen. They will see your IP location using your IP address, and it should provide them with the country, city, state, zip code, ISP, area code and other relevant information. 

Difference between Private and Public IP Address

Private IP Address Public IP Address
Scope: Local  Scope: Global
Used to communicate within the network, not routed on the internet Outside the network, need to contact your ISP for your Public IP address 
Works only in LAN (local area network) Used to get internet service 
Used to load networking operating system Controlled by an ISP
Available for free Paid
Known by entering “ipconfig” on command prompt Can be found by searching "what is my IP" on Google

How to find your IP address?

You can check ip address or domain using the glimp IP checker here. You should see an IP address that was used for accessing the page. If the address matches the IP assigned to you by your ISP, then you have a public IP address.

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