Moving to a New Home? Here’s How to Connect to Broadband Hassle-Free

Jul 13, 2020
Moving Company
By Staff writer

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased, it’s the time to resume your halted plan of moving to a new home! 


As New Zealand is winning the fight against Coronavirus, now might be the best time to move. With everything going on, it can be quite a hassle to move houses, especially since moving in itself is stressful to handle. The packing, cleaning, decluttering, unpacking, updating your address, connecting to utilities… there’s an endless list of things to do that you’re going to encounter along the way!


No matter where you are in the country, it’s a given that your top priority is to make your moving experience and connections to utilities as convenient as possible. To help take the stress out of your move, one of the first things to organise is making sure that your new address is connected to a reliable internet connection. 


Here’s a simple and hassle-free guide to getting a broadband connection in your new home.


Contact your provider ahead of time

If you’re happy with the service of your current provider, be sure to tell them that you’re moving. This enables your provider to check if your new home address can have the same connection that you currently have. Or if not, they can personally check the best options that they can offer you in your new location. Contact them at least a month in advance to get the best results.


Check options for your new address

If you’re looking to switch providers, it’s best to check the best options for your new address. Checking enables you to tell whether you’ll need an ADSL, VDSL, fibre, wireless, or satellite connection. To find out the best broadband options available in your new home, simply enter your new address into our broadband comparison tool. Our online tool will pull up all of the best, fastest and cheapest plan options for you.


Consult your landlord about the current connection

If you’re renting a new flat, it’s always best to consult with your landlord first. Ask what their current connections are, or if they have fibre ready. If you’re planning to install ultrafast fibre broadband, you’ll need to get their written consent first. Depending on your new location, some addresses will have limited internet options, especially in rural areas, as only copper connections are available. Before moving, it’s best to check through all these things first to avoid any hassle or conflict with your landlord. 


Know what you need first

If you’re not set on any location yet, consider what you may need when it comes to reconnecting to broadband. Factors such as the data cap, contact options, terms of payment, and price, among many others, may help you decide on a new address. Since you’re moving, you may also want to consider bundle options with all of your other utilities - such as power and mobile. Once you determine these, you can start looking for a location that can best accommodate all your needs. 


Moving to a new home is a stressful process… but it can be exciting too! A new home can mean a new start, especially after the series of unfortunate events that have happened this year. With a broadband connection ready at your new home, you can look forward to your new start without dealing with much stress and hassle!


If you’re fulfilling your moving plan this year, make it hassle-free with the help of Glimp! With our comparison tool, we can give you comprehensive results by simply telling us some basic details (like your new address). Here at Glimp, we’re on a mission to help Kiwis save time and money on their utilities, so you can trust us to give only the best tailored results for you.

Connect to broadband in your new home hassle-free - start by comparing today with Glimp!

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Really great service, helped us save about 30% on power plus a free $100 sign up bonus. Very fast and efficient.

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