How to choose the best mobile plan for you

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Think about what you need for your mobile plan

The details of your mobile plan can be more complicated than you think, so you have to figure out precisely what you need.

Naturally, most of the standard mobile plans include data, minutes for calling and texts, but many plans also include unique additions like free Spotify or Netflix.

It is pointless to pay for something you won’t use, so you have to calculate form the beginning approximately how many of each you will need and if it’s worth getting the premium plans that offer Netflix or Spotify.

Are you using these apps, and will you continue to use them for an extended period of time? If yes, then it’s worth including them in your mobile plan, as you will save some money in the long term. 


How many texts do you need per month?

When you compare mobile plans, you will notice that there are some options with unlimited texts, while others only include a certain amount.

Before you sign up for a new mobile plan, it is best to ask yourself how often you send a text every month? Is this your favourite way to communicate with people around you, or you would instead give them a call?

Depending on these, you can decide how many texts you need per month. Either way, it’s always better to get a few more than you initially anticipated, just in case you need them.


How much data will you go through each month?

Many people use the Internet on their mobile a lot; if you are one of them, you need to get more data. Also, if you are using your mobile for work or study and you need a good Internet speed, make sure to consider this when you get a new mobile plan

One of the things to consider is the option of having rollover data; this means that all the data that you don’t use in one month will stay in your account and you can use it in the following month.

You never know when you are, or you use your Wi-Fi more, and you don’t have the chance to use all the data, so why pay for it and not use it?


How many calling minutes do you need each month?

Having calling minutes in your mobile data plan is necessary. However, you also have to consider if you need international calling minutes too, or if you only make domestic calls.

Also, are most of your family and friends subscribed with the same provider? If yes, you probably don’t need to get too many calling minutes towards other mobile providers.

However, if you make a lot of calls daily towards various providers, you have to put this into consideration, so it does not get costly.

When possible, always choose to have rollover minutes. There will be many months when you won’t have the chance to use all your calling minutes, and it would be a complete waste for them to disappear from your account.


Other additional benefits

There are also many other benefits that you can get, such as access to mobile apps, free Netflix or Spotify and so on.

You will still pay for these, although not directly; they only come for specific packages that are more expensive, and you don’t want to get them if you don’t use them. 

You can negotiate other benefits as long as you make sure that you don’t pay more than what they are worth. 


Cheap vs expensive mobile plans

It is not necessary to pay a tremendous amount of money for a fancy mobile plan if you don’t actually need it.

You should always take into consideration what you are using, and not negotiate for a cheaper plan even though you started on a premium one.

If you don’t need calling minutes, for example, they can remove the cost of them from the total cost of the mobile plan.

Some of the cheapest mobile plans start from $4 per month- including 200 calling minutes, unlimited texts or 500mb of data. Others offer 4.5 Gb of data, unlimited calls and texts with any provider for $36, from SkinnyDirect Mobile. 


Monthly, prepay or mobile packs?

With a monthly payment, you pay a specific amount of money per month, and you sign a contract for 1 or 2 years.

You receive a precise number of minutes, texts and data every month as well as other benefits that you agree on, at the beginning of your contract.

A Prepay card implies that you pay a specific amount of money when you purchase it, and you receive a particular number of minutes, texts and data for this. When they are over, you can stop using it or recharge it if you want to continue using it.

A mobile pack is very similar to a monthly payment, except that you also get a mobile included in the package. These packages are usually more expensive, but you have the chance to buy a new phone!






Monthly plans

You can negotiate a good deal; you don’t have to worry about recharging your SIM

You have to sign a contract for one year or more

Prepay plans

You use it as much as you want, you don’t have to sign a contract

You have to recharge it every month, it can be expensive 

Mobile packs

You can get a new mobile phone

You can pay more for the phone and you have to sign a contract


As you can see, there are many ways to make sure that you get the best deal for your mobile plan. No matter what kind of plan you choose and if you only use texts or you need the entire package, always try to negotiate and get the best price from your provider.


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