How to choose a broadband plan that's right for you?

Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer

Light user? Moderate user? Heavy or Extreme User? 

What type of broadband plan is right for you? Read on and you will learn everything you need to know.

When choosing a broadband package, there are a lot of variables to consider. Besides cost and data allowances, you also have to consider speed, contract length and what you are using it for. However, out all of those factors the most important is what kind of user you are. Once you’ve figured this out, it will be much easier to find a broadband plan that suits your needs. Below, we identify some of the most common users and recommend broadband plans that we think most closely match their needs. We will also try to explain broadband download and upload speeds!

What type of user are you?

There are so many broadband packages, from unlimited data super fast fibre plans to capped data adsl plans and they all tailored to different users. If the terminology is way over your head at this stage don't worry we make it super easy. To help make a more informed choice, we match broadband plans to the kinds of internet user we think they are. We will go into detail, as to what kinds of speed and data a user should be signing up to.

Light User

At glimp, we consider someone a light user if you mainly spend time reading news, sending emails, watch videos occasionally, spend time on Facebook or Twitter. As a result, not having unlimited plan may be an option for you. However, if you do watch videos on Youtube, for example, some of those videos consume a lot of data, so you have to be weary of that. As well as, Facebook pushing for video content and video autoplay, you will notice yourself watching different videos without realising that you are using up all that data. To be on a safer side, we recommend unlimited broadband plans. You will find on average the difference is $10 a month between capped broadband and unlimited.

Moderate User

You enjoy listening to music online and using Skype, as well as doing the things that a light user does, then the chances are you are a Moderate user! When looking at a moderate user, you have to keep in mind of what is your usage like, because chances are you might be a heavy user. As a medium user, choose Fibre 30/10 plans if available or otherwise VDSL. On average VDSL has speed of 24mbps download/8mbps upload, which is similar to Fibre. However, once you have Fibre connected and your usage increases, you can easily upgrade your plan to 100mbps /10mbps and reap the benefits of faster internet.

Heavy User

If you enjoy downloading HD movies, playing online games or streaming entire series of TV shows via streaming services, such as Netflix, you're classed as a heavy user. This is the most common user and it is for a reason. Families are also almost certain to be heavy users, especially in homes with kids who've grown up with the web, smartphones and tablets. With four or more people in a household, all with internet connected devices and going online simultaneously, you'll find it's easy to burn through your data allowance and put a strain on your connection at busy times. With that in mind, you'll likely want to select yourself as a heavy user, so that we can display the plans that suit your household. As a heavy user, if you can get Fibre, then definitely do it with the speeds of 100/20 or 100/50. It is faster than ADSL and VDSL broadband and means that you'll download movies, music and games a lot quicker, so you'll have more time to do whatever it is you like doing. Otherwise, if you can’t, then go for VDSL or ADSL, depending on availability.

Extreme User

Alright, so you enjoy downloading movies and playing online games but you use peer-to-peer software a lot or decided that you want to start your career in streaming using Twitch or similar programs, then look no further…You are an Extreme user! We recommend going with 200/100 or 200/200 Fibre plans, which will provide you with that extra torque when doing the things that you enjoy online.

More factors you'll need to consider

What kinds of broadband are available in your area?

At glimp the reason why we ask for your address is to identify what kind of broadband is available at your location, specifically speeds. With roll out of Fibre, it is really important, as now fibre is on average $5 to $10 cheaper than ADSL or VDSL and is much faster and better in the long run. The only downside is the set up cost, however you can speak to the internet service provider and they may be able to hook you up to ADSL or VDSL while Fibre is being installed for you. As a result, if you see that Fibre is available through our website, we recommend getting it. If Fibre is not available, then your options are ADSL or VDSL. ADSL speed is slower than VDSL, so if you are watching videos, listening to music or downloading on daily basis, we recommend going with VDSL.

How many people live in your household?

The number of people that live in your household will impact the number of internet connected devices and ultimately impact on the broadband usage and speed during the peak hours. Therefore, if you have four or more in your household, then you should definitely look into selecting yourself as a heavy user.

Do you need a contract?

Having a contract reduces the installation cost, as well as the modem cost if you don’t have one. On other side, having no contract gives you freedom and flexibility to move. The good news is that some internet service providers now release broadband packages that come with a 6 months contract and they give you a modem for free during that period. This is a perfect plan for students, renters or people who want to try out the provider to see if they like them or not.

Do you need a landline?

Last, but not least, is a landline. With the rise of mobile phones usage, a lot of people choose to opt-out of the landline, as they rarely use it. So the question you should ask yourself is “how often do you use a landline?”. If not often or not at all and you have a mobile phone, then we recommend choosing a broadband plan without a landline. That's all from us, we hope we have helped you to understand what type of internet user you are! glimp team.

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