How The COVID-19 Outbreak Is Shaping The Work Set-Up

Date Jul 14, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Michael Speight

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led companies all over the world – including New Zealand –  to employ a work from home set-up.


Before the outbreak, companies rejected the idea of working from home, as it was believed to decrease productivity. However, one of the more concerning issues was security - especially in crucial jobs that involved confidential information of the company.


Although the transition to working from home has been quick, companies have not seen any loss in productivity. Adjustments have been made here and there, to cater to the needs of employees; but overall, the work from home set-up has been successful.


As COVID-19 left most of the industries with no other choice, employers and employees alike are left to compromise and try to still make the business work. Yet, instead of a compromise, a work from home set-up is shaping a work environment that most of us thought wouldn’t work. Here’s how:


Remote working in industries where it once wasn’t considered an option

Although some industries can easily transition to remote work, there are still many industries where working from home seems impractical. Yet with this outbreak, it’s shown that remote working in these industries is possible.


One example of this is the education sector. Although possible, teachers can’t simply teach online, as student and teacher interaction is vital. However, this pandemic displayed that students can still learn through online classes and teachers can still be effective in their job.


Utilisation of newest high-tech technologies for long term use

One of the main concerns of employees is the tools that they will use. Unlike in the office, where all the company investment in the latest technology is, their homes just don’t have that. Without these, employees can’t do their job.


With this, companies are investing in the newest technology to ensure productivity and security too. It’s a win-win situation, since companies can make sure that employees work efficiently, and the employees can be more productive in their tasks.


Ensuring the safety and comfort of the employees above all

Since the pandemic emerged, companies saw that their biggest asset is neither the investments nor the technology – it’s the employees. Even with plenty of investment and the latest technologies, businesses won’t work without employees.


Although it’s almost impossible to make employees feel as if they are working in the office, companies are doing their best amidst their loss in the pandemic. If having a functional keyboard or an ergonomic mouse can make employees feel at work, then so be it. 


Responding to the challenges of working from home

Since almost all jobs today can function through the internet, it’s recommended to have the best internet connection in your area. Broadband connection and switches are considered vital in New Zealand, so its operations remain uninterrupted.


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