How car insurance is different for cars, trucks and motorcycles

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Insurance policies can be confusing, primarily if you don’t deal with them very often. Different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles all have to follow different rules and have different rates. 

Why may you wonder?

Well, they all have different risks so are covered by different policies, in the same way that they have to follow different laws. You can find great car insurance quotes from a specific company but you may choose a different one for your motorcycle. 


Why are there different insurance rates for each type of vehicle?

Driving different types of vehicles comes with its own risks, not to mention how it may affect others involved in an accident or passengers.

For example, if a car was involved in an accident, chances are that the driver may end up with much higher costs for replacement, compared to a motorcycle, since they are usually more expensive. 

In the same way, the driver of a truck has a bigger chance of causing damage to property than a motorcycle, not to mention that we still haven’t thought about what may be in the back of the truck and if that would be covered by insurance. 


Truck insurance pricing

If you compare car insurance with truck insurance, you will notice that it usually costs more to insure your truck. This is regardless if the truck itself is cheaper or not than a standard car.

The big difference here is the way you are supposed to use a truck and the damage it can cause. Trucks are used for many different kinds of work, from transporting materials to attaching farming tools.

This means that right from the start, there are bigger risks with breaking the truck or causing an accident. Also, since you use them every day, you will have to change the parts more often and they have bigger maintenance costs than a regular car.

Apart from this, causing an accident with a truck mostly means bigger property damage, since a truck is much bigger and stronger than a normal car. With all this, it is easy to understand why you would have to pay much more if you wanted to get your truck insured.


Motorcycle insurance pricing

Motorcycles are considered to be riskier and more accident prone compared to normal cars. That is why it costs more to get insurance for your motorcycle that it does for your car.

First of all, having an accident while driving a motorcycle is much more dangerous than driving a car. Since your entire body is exposed, even if you are wearing protective gear, you may get serious injuries even in the smallest accident.

Also, your motorcycle can be easily damaged by almost anything, even if it is unsteady and it hits the pavement.

Besides that, it costs more to fix a motorcycle that it does to fix a car, and most of the motorcycles around, especially the new ones, come with high maintenance costs.

Either way, having great insurance while driving a motorcycle is very important, saving you from a lot of trouble.


What other factors affect the cost of car insurance?

Even when you want to purchase insurance for your average car, there are still many factors to take into consideration.

The year of the car, the model, the power of the engine, your experience as a driver and even the safety features, all these can increase or decrease the price of the insurance.

The year of the car

The older your car is, the more you will have to take out of your pocket for insurance. It is easy to understand why; when you drive an older car it is expected to have to replace its parts faster, and to have overall lower features than newer cars.

The model of the car

There are car models that are more difficult to drive or that are considered to be riskier. For example, some sport cars are considered to be more dangerous, or they are very expensive to purchase, therefore the price may be higher. Also some models are more costly to fix, having higher maintenance costs. 

The safety features of the car

The safer your car is, the less you will have to pay for insurance. A car that has airbags in all doors and in the front, is safer for all passengers of the car.

That is why it is better, from every point of view, to invest in a car that has advanced safety features. Of course, here you can include more than just airbags; sensors and cameras are available for newer models.


The alarm system of the car

As you know, insurance also covers the possibility of your car getting stolen or damaged. If you invest in a good alarm system for your car, you have the chance to pay way less for insurance.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an alarm system, you can expect to take out a good amount out of your pocket every year, for insurance.


Driver factors

The age, experience and medical condition of the driver also matter when it comes to the price of the insurance.

Older drivers will pay much less than young ones, because they are considered to be more responsible. New drivers have to pay more, since they are at risk of causing accidents much more than drivers with experience. 

In the same way, your driving record also matters. If you had a few minor accidents in the past and they are noted in your record, chances are that your insurance will be quite expensive. 


Compare car insurance now

It is very important to compare different types of insurance and see what works best for you and your vehicle. You should consider using Glimp to compare your car insurance options.

The website showcases the different deals for each car insurance provider, to make sure you are getting the best for your needs.

The final amount that you will pay depends on many factors, from the type of vehicle that you drive to how long you’ve had your license for. 

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