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Find the best hairdresser in NZ for you

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New Zealand hairdressers

On the hunt for a hairdresser that you can trust? Here at Glimp, we’ll help you get the ultimate glow-up by finding you the best hairdresser for your needs. As your hair is your crowning glory, we want to make sure that you’ll wear it proudly. Our comparison tool allows you to compare all the different hairdressers in your area, to sort out the one that best caters to your needs. Whether you want a complete transformation, or a little trim - we’ll find a hairdresser that suits you in no time!

Thousands of Kiwis have trusted Glimp in their search for the best hairdressing services – now it’s your turn! Get ready to look your best with NZ’s top hairdressers!

Best hairdressers in New Zealand

New Zealand’s hairdressing services are world-class and innovative. To help you find your perfect stylist, we’ll provide you with a range of choices - from Hamilton hairdressers to Lincoln hairdressers and all the hair stylists in between. But because there are so many promising prospects in NZ, you’ll also need to determine which suits you best.

Look forward to a more confident you, and find your ideal hairdresser using our comparison tool. Let Glimp be the red carpet to welcome your glow-up - compare amenities, prices, location, and hair services with us today!

How does our hairdresser comparison work?

Glimp will show you tailored results, fast and easy! Simply set your preferences on the comparison page and we’ll show you results based on your choices. There are hundreds of hairdressers scattered throughout the country, but there’s always THE one for you. We’ll help you find the one for all your colouring, cutting and styling needs.

Quick and easy to use

Our comparison tool gives only the most important information, and never the mediocre details. We value every second that you spend with us, so we’ll make sure that you get what you came for. Our comparison tool is always available for your convenience, so feel free to jump right in, anytime anywhere!

Find your hairdresser, free of charge

We’re dedicated to helping you find the right hairdressers based on the style, hair care, and treatment that you want. Best thing of all, our comparison tool is 100% free! Comparing services with us won’t cost you a penny.

Get your tailored results

We get straight to the point, so that you can focus on moving forward with your chosen hairdresser. We cut out the fluffs and show you only the details that matter. We’ll only ask a few questions such as your estimated budget, preferred location, and desired services. From here, we’ll show you all the best options in your area.

Why compare hairdressers in NZ with Glimp?

We save you time and money

We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis like you save time, money, and effort. Simply tell us your location, services preferred, and estimated budget; and we’ll help you find the hairdresser that matches your needs best.

Best place to compare

Glimp uses a comprehensive comparison tool that filters world-class hairdressers depending on your preferences. We ensure to give you only the most accurate results for the finest stylists in the country.

Compare hairdressers for free

On top of our quick and easy process, our comparison tool is 100% free! Whether you’re looking for a hairdresser that specialises in blonde hair or a hairdresser that can cut men and children’s hair, it’ll cost you nothing to use our service.

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