Naked Broadband NZ: Omnipresent and Convenient. Getting Started at Glimp.

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Best naked broadband NZ deals are just around the corner, so to speak. With ISPs growing in number but daily, you can be certain that the offer is rich, mildly put. You should, therefore, set yourself to finding best deals at lowest prices, not limiting your options by gloomy predictions. Too many Kiwis doo, especially those living in rural areas. Well, no need for that! 

Compare naked internet deals at Glimp today! Discover what to expect and go from there!

Naked broadband stipulates a DSL connection independent of a home phone. Since many New Zealanders use only mobile phones, this broadband type may come in handy indeed. Naturally, where there is demand there is supply, so you will be glad to learn that nearly all ISPs offer naked broadband plans. You just need to - collate them! 


Naked Broadband Providers: Pinpointing Best Deals. Compare all Deals at Glimp!

Can ADSL count as naked broadband? You probably know already that ADSL is the most commonly used internet connection type in New Zealand. The fact has something to do with distances, as DSL speeds depend on the proximity of  the broadband cabinet. Simply put, the closer your home is to the cabinet, the faster your connection will get. 

The slower ADSL delivers ca. 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. ADSL2+ delivers up to 24 Mbps download speed. The prerequisites for the latter are that your home is located up to 2km away from the broadband cabinet. ADSL, on the other hand, allows for a 6km distance. 

And the answer to the abovementioned questions is, yes, it can. The only difference between naked ADSL and the usual one using your home line is that there are setup prices to count in. These depend on many factors, making speculation unthankful, so the recommended course of action would be to compare available plans for your specific location. You may do that at ease at Glimp, as we've made sure to cover all the providers and deals as to help you make the best possible decision. 

Note that data transfers matter a big deal, so allow us to ask you first: do you know your amount of data transfers on a monthly basis? If the answer is no, better calculate it before selecting any plans, as you might well qualify for a far cheaper one. Sadly, many Kiwis opt for unlimited naked broadband deals purely out of ignorance.  

The calculation is as simple as it gets. First think about your online habits. Do you use the Internet for IM, browsing social media, online shopping, or streaming video? A little something of everything? 1 Mbps speeds are sufficient for research, reading newspapers online and sending and receiving emails. 6 Mbps are optimum for limited file sharing and for streaming lower quality video. 10 Mbps allow for streaming full HD video and 25 Mbps - for streaming ultra HD video.

Most popular services have also made their lowest requirements known. E.g., Skype's minimum requirements for HD video calls are 1.5 Mbps, YouTube's 0.5 Mbps, and Netflix's 1.5 Mbps. Note the word "minimum". Faster speeds are always desirable when it comes to streaming activities. Still, if you are not accustomed to binge watching TV shows online, it is pointless to choose an expensive broadband plan "just in case". 


Naked New Zealand Providers and Contracts.

Naked New Zealand providers are indeed many. As a matter of fact, ADSL and naked DSL are used by 43% of households nationwide! By comparison, fibre optic is the choice of only 28% of households and cable - of 9% of households. This statistics speaks volumes about available naked broadband plans. They come in many shapes and sizes, so choose away! 

ISPs offering naked broadband plans include, but are not limited to, Wireless Nation, Orcon, Stuff Fibre, Flip, Slingshot, Bigpipe, Compass, Vodafone, 2Degrees, Spark, and MyRepublic. 

Naked broadband NZ is gaining in popularity but daily, and telecommunications are developing as rapidly as ever, which means that prices keep going down. Therefore, make sure to pick your plan wisely and taking all these facts into account. If, e.g., you are planning to move house, make sure to either choose a no-term contract or a contract stipulating a free move of address. Most long-term broadband plans (usually 24-month ones) offer one free move of address within 12 months. Note that long-term contracts may vary between 6 and 24 months, on average.  

Before selecting your new naked internet provider or the package, make sure to check the terms on early termination. This especially if you are planning on a two-year agreement. Remember that broadband speeds go up all the time and the prices do the exact opposite. That is to say, in the near future, your ISP (or some other, for that matter) might come to offer a far better plan for the same price you signed up for only months ago. If uncertain on your future plans, it's safest to pick a no-term contract. Compare all broadband plans and ISPs at Glimp and find the best one for you within minutes!


Pinpointing Best Naked Broadband NZ: Use Glimp's Comparison Tool! 

Best naked broadband NZ deals are a rather subjective category, seeing as every Internet user has something else on mind. It is, therefore, recommended to compare the deals by selecting your desired options as well as keeping in mind your location. Some restrictions may apply in accordance with the latter, as broadband availability is an objective issue. Well, it is not only restrictions that depend on the location. On top of the ISPs mentioned above, there are also many local providers that well may have a more suitable deal up their sleeve. I.e., Spark offers gigabit unlimited data plans for Dunedin at affordable prices. Other providers may well have beneficial offers for specific locations. Therefore, leave no question unanswered! Compare naked internet deals at Glimp today! 

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