Get Smart In Picking The Best Car Finance Company

Jul 13, 2020
car loans
By Staff writer

Buying a new car? Oh boy, so many variables to keep track of... not! Glimp makes it easy for you to single out the very car finance company offering the exact conditions you are after. Maybe even better ones! The first thing car buyers, no exceptions, think of is a low interest rate, and we will help you find the lowest one! And that's not all! We will also assist you in finding the best car loan type and specific benefits to simplify your obligations considerably! 

Compare car finance companies and get the lowest rates today!


We need your help upon one point only: your monthly budget insight. The first step is determining how much money you can leave aside for the loan, on monthly and annual bases. The average car loan can take up to 48 months to repay, so you will need to think your budget out carefully. 


Secondly, think about the car. Would you rather buy a new or a used car? Some finance companies consider only brand new cars "new", whereas others are more flexible. Generally speaking, a car up to two years old will often be considered new as well. Are the definitions really that important? Quite, mainly because most lenders offer both new car loans and used car loans. New car loans, as a rule, have lower interest rates than the latter. 

Picking that particular lender among a myriad of auto loan companies: is it really possible? Yes, and we will help you choose the one! 

There's no denying that auto loan companies are abundant, but you should look on the bright side here! Rather than seeing it as a drawback in terms of research, think about the rich offer! To be sure, the car loan market is as competitive as it gets, in which, no doubt, you will see many an advantage. For, not only will you be able to choose among various loan and interest rate options, but you will also get to pinpoint best extras!


The latter are more often than not found in the fine print. In case of car loans, at least, the dreaded fine print can render more trump cards than disadvantages. Here is an example: the no early exit penalty feature allows for paying off the loan sooner than stipulated - at no penalty whatsoever.  Before picking a car loan company, get in touch with Glimp for in-depth info on the benefits. 


Furthermore, loans can have variable or fixed interest rates. Variable car loans usually come with lower initial rates than fixed loans, as there is no way to know whether the lender will decide to increase or decrease them. Fixed rates are usually higher but are, on the other hand, set in stone.  

Contact us for lowest rates and best car finance company offers!   

Use Glimp's car payment calculator to work out the lowest rates at best terms.   

Our car payment calculator will help you determine which car loan might be most beneficial for you. Simply enter your monthly budget, desired loan amount, and car price, and you're good to go. Entering more details will make for a more precise calculation, so make sure to provide information on all known variables. Remember to go through the fine print and don't be shy when asking the lender to clarify the conditions.


Nearly every car finance company allows for online applications, which simplifies the entire process significantly. The decision is also to be expected soon - within a day or two, in most cases, and sometimes even within hours. Getting a car loan has never been easier, so make sure to take your time picking that one offer you won't regret in the long run. 

Contact us for advice if undecided or if in need of clarification! We never fail to make things simple for your convenience.   


As for deciding on the lender, you need not necessarily choose a bank. In some cases, applying for a loan through a credit union or a finance company might work better for you. Among the lenders offering car loans are ASB, Kiwibank, Co-operative Bank, Westpac (banks), First CU, Police CU, NZCU Baywide (credit unions), AA Finance, Avanti Finance, Christian Savings, Finance Direct, Finance Now, Financepoint, Financial Holdings, Gem, I Finance, MARAC, MTF, NZ Loan, NZ Vehicle Finance, and Stadium Finance (finance companies). As stated above, the car loan market is competitive, so choose away!

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Paperwork required by a car finance company: what to expect? 

"Paperwork" is the word nobody likes. Since it is a necessary evil, best to know beforehand what to expect when applying for a can loan. The documents all lenders require are those identifying you for who you say you are. Your passport or driver's license are a must; in some cases, additional ID requirements might be called for. Car details need be provided as well. Depending on the loan type, you might also need to submit proof of income, credit history records, and/or copies of bank statements. 


Once you've chosen that special car finance company, give them a call to enquire about the specifics. Make sure to check for no early exit penalty features and additional information on points you are unclear on. Remember that the car loan market is growing ever wider and that, if the first company of your choice does not prove to be what you thought it was, there are plenty of fish in the sea. 

Compare car finance companies and get the lowest rates today!

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