Get Connected: How to Get a Mobile Number in New Zealand for Travellers

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It’s no surprise that New Zealand attracts 3 million travellers a year... who wouldn’t want to get a piece of the beautiful scenery and adventures that the country has to offerNo matter what you have planned for the trip, you will still want to stay connected with your friends and family back home. But, no worries; you can still like that Instagram post by your friend or call your parents on Skype... all while unleashing your ultimate adventure in the country. While there are many different ways to connect online and offline in NZ, the best solution is to get a local SIM card and mobile number.

Know what you need

When it comes to your mobile plan features, the options are endless - from unlimited mobile data to international phone calls to rollover data. To get started, you need to determine first what you really need. Do you call through social messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp? Or do you often message your loved ones through their mobile carriers? By knowing this beforehand, you can easily decide on what to choose upon arriving in the country. However, if you are still indecisive, most mobile plan providers offer plan bundles with extras and add-ons, which may help with your decision. 

Determine your budget

Most mobile providers offer plans that do not vary much in costs. It may only differ depending on the extras. With lots of options to choose from, you may end up buying add-ons that you don’t need. Ask yourself first; do you really need these extras, especially if you are just on a short trip? It’s best to determine your budget before purchasing a SIM card in New Zealand. Mobile plans usually cost $40 on average, which includes around 3GB of mobile data and 200 call minutes. Sim cards usually cost around $2 - $5, depending on the provider you choose.

Find out your mobile number

Once you successfully purchased a SIM card, take note of your mobile number. It is usually embedded in fine print on the SIM starter pack. If you already cut the card to fit your slot and you forgot to take note, you can easily find out your mobile number on your phoneNormally, the number can be seen on the settings panel of your mobile phone, just search for the ‘My Number’ option. Knowing your mobile number in New Zealand allows your loved ones, friends and colleagues to contact you directly. Plus, saving your number will also be useful if you plan on coming back to NZ.

Unlock your phone before departure

To ensure that your New Zealand number will work on your phone, have your phone unlocked before your departure. Unlocked phones means that SIM cards from any country will work just fine no matter where you are in the world. If you are unsure about whether your phone is locked, it’s best to contact your provider in your home country. If you’re worried about the compatibility of the SIM card to your phone, don’t stress; NZ SIM cards will work on any overseas phone that is unlocked.

Learn the basics of NZ mobiles

How do I call a mobile phone in New Zealand? What is the area code for New Zealand mobiles? These questions are likely to pop up if you’re trying to learn more about contacting in and out of the country. Here’s a quick explanation... If you want to call your Kiwi friend, just dial the 10-digit number that starts with ‘0’. If you want someone to call you from abroad, just put the area code for New Zealand, which is ‘+64’ at the start of the number, then input the second to last digit of your NZ phone number. That’s it, you’re all set! You can now travel in New Zealand and connect to the rest of the world at the same time. Spark, Vodafone, and 2degress offer traveller friendly mobile plans, but if you want to have a detailed comparison of what they offer and what you need, you can use the Glimp online comparison tool. In just a matter of minutes, you can find the best mobile plan to purchase for your stay in New Zealand. Click here to start comparing NZ’s best mobile data plans!

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