Five Ways of Preventing Your Car from Being Stolen

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Car theft is on the rise and it’s causing many problems for people in New Zealand.

Cheap car insurance is one popular method for giving yourself financial protection if you do fall victim to a car thief.

However, prevention is often the best and most desired form of car protection that vehicle owners want. In this blog post, we look at five tips that you can use to prevent car theft. 

Car Theft Protection Tip 1: Lock your vehicle at all times

Keep your car locked at all times! This may seem like a basic piece of advice but you’d be surprised by the number of people that leave their vehicles unlocked.

Locking your car when you are driving (and when you are parked) can greatly reduce the chances of having your car stolen.

It’s as simple as pushing a button when you enter and leave your car.

Car Theft Protection Tip 2: Secure your windows and sunroof

Quite often, you will see that people decide to leave small gaps in their windows and sunroof when they park their vehicle.

This is a massive invitation for a car thief to attempt to break into your vehicle.

Leaving small gaps in your car is a common thing to do during summer but, at the same time, this makes your car a far easier target for thieves. 

Car Theft Protection Tip 3: Avoid leaving valuables unattended

Sunglasses, laptops, charging cables, coins or anything that gives a car thief an incentive to break into your car should be hidden from view.

Even leftover change may be a large enough motivator for a thief to take action. They may assume that there is more hidden away in your vehicle and attempt to break in.

Hide any valuable items in your trunk or take them with you and lower the risk of car theft. Check to see if your car insurance covers valuables by comparing car insurance NZ wide.

Car Theft Protection Tip 4: Install a car alarm system

Many reported car thefts are for older vehicles rather than new ones. Some older vehicles don’t have any alarm systems installed which make them an easy target for thieves.

While older vehicles do lock, their mechanisms will often be outdated, presenting thieves with a greater opportunity for breaking in quickly.

Installing a car alarm is inexpensive and can prevent the chances of a car theft – even the presence of an alarm can act as a successful deterrent.  

Car Theft Protection Tip 5: Be smart with where you park

You could follow every single piece of advice on here but still fall victim to car theft if you park in a dodgy location.

Car thefts often happen during the night, so be aware of where you are parking your vehicle.

Park under a street light and where there are other cars parked as, if your car is visible during the night, it creates a less enticing option for someone looking for easy targets. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t be a hero if confronted by a carjacker

Your car is replaceable - you aren’t! If you are confronted by a carjacker, cooperate and don’t resist: You don’t know what mindset the carjacker is in.

Your safety is your main concern and dealing with the fallout later can be insignificant in comparison.

If you are concerned about the financial loss related to car theft, make sure you’re covered with car insurance.

Compare car insurance quotes with glimp and find the best car insurance quotes available in New Zealand.

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