Five Tips for Finding the Best Travel Insurance Deals

Date Jul 13, 2020
Blog category Credit Card
Blog category Travel Insurance
By Michael Speight


Planning a holiday soon? Whether you are travelling domestically, over the Tasman, or to the other side of the world; travel insurance is a must.

Taking the time to research how to find the best travel insurance deals is a must-do if you want to save money and find the right package for you and your travelling partners. 

In this blog post, we have five, effective buying tips for helping you find the most affordable deal. Check them out below.

Travel Insurance Buying Tip 1: know what you need!

Not all trips are the same. Travel insurance providers know this and often have a variety of tailored packages for customers to choose from.

Knowing what you need from the outset will help you to refine your search between a few providers and find the right deal for you. 

Travel Insurance Buying Tip 2: single trip or annual trip?

Are you a frequent traveller or is traveling an every-now-and-again adventure? Travel insurance providers often have single-trip coverage or annual-trip coverage on offer.

If you are planning multiple trips over the next 12 months, you may want to consider an annual-trip travel insurance package. 

These types of packages can be more cost-effective when you bundle them together.   

Travel Insurance Buying Tip 3: avoid buying from the airline

Wait before you buy! When purchasing travel tickets overseas, you are often bombarded with add-on offers such as additional luggage space or travel insurance deals.

More often than not, you can find a better travel insurance quote elsewhere if you purchase from a third-party vendor.  

Travel Insurance Buying Tip 4: use a credit card!

Some online vendors add a transaction surcharge at the end of the checkout process.

This isn’t usually advertised in plain sight and can end up adding 10 or 15 per cent more to your travel insurance bill.

Every website is different, but paying with a credit card can usually help you avoid these additional surcharges.

Travel Insurance Buying Tip 5: compare deals and shop around

Once you take on board the four previous travel insurance buying tips, the last thing you should do is compare travel insurance packages from a range of providers.

It’s also easy to do, as websites such as glimp allow you to compare travel insurance quotes in a matter of minutes. 

Simply enter your destination(s), your travel dates, age of travellers and we’ll do the rest! You’ll be presented with a number of travel insurance quotes and a snapshot of what they cover.

Furthermore, there is no obligation to follow through with any of these deals - simply take a glance and, if you like what you see, you can click on for further information. 


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