How to find best internet deals and plans in New Zealand

Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer

 Interested in internet only deals? You are not alone or, indeed, in the minority. Naked broadband is all the rage these days, what with mobile phones replacing the role of the traditional landline. Reasons to switching broadband may well be many, but how seamless and costly the process actually is? That, and many more site users’ FAQ are answered below.

  1. How difficult is switching broadband?  In reality, it is as simple as it gets, with ISPs doing all the job for you.
  2. What exactly is broadband?  Pretty much any type of high-speed internet access that is always on. Broadband is considerably faster than a dial-up connection.  
  3. What different types of broadband are there?  The three basic broadband types are ADSL, cable (fibre), and mobile.  
  4. How do I switch? Do any restrictions apply?  If your contract has run out, you can switch providers at will – no additional fees apply. If you’re within your contract term, the fees stipulated in your current broadband contract apply.  
  5. The provider has increased the price of the monthly subscription. Can I switch providers within contract term at no charge? Absolutely. This is the only exception that allows you to switch providers at will without any fee applying. 

Finding best broadband deals at Glimp: compare the offer nationwide with ease.

The search for best internet only deals starts here and now. Glimp will help you pick the optimum package and customize it to boot. Albeit local availability might imply some limitations, the truth is that the offer is so rich that most Kiwis, no matter their area, get a fair offer to choose from.

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As for add-ons, these include (but are not limited to) fast 4G mobile phone connections, digital TV bundles, and mobile deals. Customize your package your way with no restrictions applied. Useful to know is, also, that some ISPs offer short-term deals. Therefore, if you are uncertain as to whether the package that appears tempting is exactly what you need, simply try it out and – if it turns out to be unsatisfactory – switch providers after one month. 

Long-term deals are often more beneficial, with gradual price increments and additional extras certain to keep coming your way. After all, every ISP want to keep their customers, in which, no doubt, you will see your chance. The market being competitive with no chances of a trend reversal - ever, you only need to keep updated with the possibilities and pick the best deal. It is that easy, and Glimp makes it even easier for you. Compare the offer at a glance. 

Best broadband deals NZ are only clicks away.

There are many broadband deals NZ to choose from. If you are a first-time customer, best start with comparing actual broadband types available in your area.  Up to this day, ADSL remains the most commonly used broadband connection in NZ, given the fact it is capable of covering even the most remote of areas.

  • ADSL is broadband running over your copper phone wires. It has higher download- than upload speeds. A faster version of ADSL would be ADSL2+. Check the availability in your area to see which one is available. 
  • Fibre broadband, commonly known as “cable”, runs over fibre-optic cables and is, hence, considerably faster than ADSL. 
  • Mobile broadband  connects to the internet the same way your mobile phone does. It is accessed through a dongle, a data-only SIM, or wirelessly. The standard nowadays is 4G mobile phone connection, offering superfast speeds comparable to conventional broadband.

Check the deals available in your area at Glimp. Keep in mind that additional add-ons apply for many packages and that various local providers might often provide a better offer than established ISPs such as, e.g., BT. 

The best broadband provider is a subjective category and depends both on your standards and location. For, it is commonly misunderstood that most customers look for cheap prices only. In our experience, this is not an established routine, seeing as faster speeds and naked broadband deals are gaining popularity at an unabating rate. 

Switching broadband providers.

Switching broadband providers is a seamless process nowadays if your contract has run out or you are a no-term of short-term contract user. If uncertain, contact your provider to check out your deal’s expiration date. 

Albeit best internet only deals are numerous, most users fear losing broadband during the switching process. In actuality, it depends solely on the ISP. If you’re replacing a standard ADSL broadband with another ISP’s standard ADSL service, there will be no interruptions. 

If you selected a new broadband provider and you are attempting to switch from a standard broadband service to a fibre broadband deal, you will need to cancel your existing contract before signing up. This means your broadband will be interrupted until your new fibre service is connected. 

Additional good news is that MAC codes have been abolished, making the switching process as painless as possible. All that is left for you is to choose the best package (the task made simple by Glimp, we may add). Use our broadband postcode checker to see the full list. 

Finally, keep in mind that there is no such thing as best broadband provider or deal. Every customer has their own preferences and requests, so best stick to the extras you’d like to get. 

Finding best internet only deals in your area made easy with Glimp.

If your definition of “best internet only deals” stipulates ultra-fast speeds, fibre broadband deals are just the thing for you. Compare Slingshot, Orcon, Stuff Fibre, Myrepulic service, and high-quality packages from Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone. These ISPs boast some of the fastest broadband connection speeds. 

If fibre broadband isn’t available in your area, consider a standard ADSL package. Use Glimp’s broadband comparison tables, which allow for filtering results by price, speed, download limit, and contract length. 

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