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Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer

Glimp makes it easy for you to find the best Credit Card New Zealand has available on any given day. Our super fast comparison engine takes the hassle out of shopping around, talking to banks, comparing reward programs and reading all the fine print. 

We pride ourselves on being the best comparison website in New Zealand, where we have already helped thousands of consumers with their card selection decisions. 

Choosing a credit card need not be a headache. Our simple online form can have your most suitable card suggested to you within just 5 minutes.

Glimp is a free service, and we’re fully independent. Our business runs on commission payments made by credit card companies when we successfully connect a new customer to the credit card company. Since this commission is much less than it would cost for the credit card company to advertise, this model allows us to be independent as well as a positive resource for credit card companies.

Below we aim to help you understand how we understand which credit card is right for you, and how we can ultimately help save you time and money.

Credit Card Auckland offers tend to vary a lot; Use Glimp for help in making the right choice

As an independent comparison site, we strive to find the best Credit Card Auckland deals so that we can get you the best offer. We use a very simple process, a short form which only takes 5 minutes to complete, to get these results fast. 

Everyone has different needs and wants when trying to understand what the best credit card is for them. There’s a diverse landscape of offers and it is super important to make sure all your needs are met.

Are you someone who values a lower interest card? Or do you prefer to get rewarded by using your card with a system of points you can redeem later? Or are you after the convenience of a second card? Maybe you’d rather consolidate cards and get a new card for a balance transfer.

With all of our card’s reward programs, we make sure that our card comparisons include Airpoints compatible cards. As the frequent flyer points system of Air New Zealand, making sure your card maximizes the awarding of Airpoints is a great strategy to get free upgrades or even free flights. Maybe it’s important to you to find the best Airpoints Credit Card New Zealand has to offer.

Pro Tip 1: Select “I want awesome rewards” from the drop-down menu on our homepage to start finding a card with an amazing Airpoints offering

Airpoints Dollars can be earned on every dollar you spend – and the amount of reward you receive varies with each differnt partner.  

Review the best Credit Card Hamilton has to offer right now

Alternatively, your main priority might be to find a card with a super low interest rate.  We can help you find the best Credit Card Hamilton has to offer today. Maybe you’ve got a card with a bit of debt on it with has a high interest rate and you’d like to reduce your payments. Glimp can help you compare different credit cards to find a card with potentially a lower interest rate than what you have with your current credit card provider. 

Some of our customers use the comparison website to select the best card to use as a second card. The convenience of having a backup in case of a faulty card, or in the case of loss or theft, is reassuring in the case where you need to make an emergency payment. Our algorithm can help you choose the best card to have as a backup or secondary card for these situations.

The other main reason customers come to the comparison website is to find a card for balance transfers. A balance transfer is when you move all or part of the balance of one card to another. 

This can be a good idea in the case of a preferential interest rate, or if other fees make the existing card more expensive than a new option with a balance transfer.

To summarize the main reasons people look for a new card, it is generally: 

  • To achieve a lower interest rate,
  • To maximize a rewards program, often Airpoints,
  • In the case a customer needs a second card, or 
  • A customer wants to make a balance transfer to a new card

Pro Tip 2: Take your time to evaluate why you need a new credit card before starting the selection process – having a clearly defined idea of why you need your new card will really help us in providing you with the most optimal Credit Card New Zealand has to offer. 

Our targeted survey aims to identify the perfect card for you by going through a process of three specifically targeted questions. We’ll review each of these now and aim to understand why they’re each important.

The first question is 1) What do you spend the most money on every month?  The options you are provided to answer with vary from groceries, petrol, dining, shopping, utility and other. Your response here will help us to suggest whether a card aimed at accruing rewards points could be more relevant to you, as opposed to a low interest or even a balance transfer card.

2) The next thing we’ll ask you to identify is what you find more important out of the options we outlined earlier. You’ll get to choose between a) Low Interest rate card, b) a card designed to optimize rewards, c) a card specifically optimized for AirPoints, and d) Cashback – which is an alternate reward option where the card is optimized for cashback instead of a points program like AirPoints. 

3) Lastly, we’ll ask you if you currently have another card. This way we can try to optimize our results in the case where a second card has optimal charges. If you do have another card, you’ll be asked if you’d like to transfer your existing balance from that card onto your new one.

Pro Tip 3: Don’t take longer than 5 minutes on the quiz – it’s only 3 questions so you should be able to fly though it. If you find yourself stuck on a question, reevaluate exactly why you need this car before continuing. 

After you click submit and receive your suggested card matches, you’ll be presented one card from several different banking institutions.  We present 5 different criteria for you to compare the best Credit Card Wellington and other similer Kiwi cities have available:

Lets review each possible criteria:

  1. Interest Free Period on Purchases: we list the amount of days each card offers as an interest free period for purchases made on this card. If you don’t get into the habit of paying off the entire card every month (or before the interest free period expires), then this is the amount you’ll be charged. Comparing this rate to other cards will give you a good idea of which card is the cheapest after, of course, taking into consideration other fees, like the annual fee. The more interest free days, the longer you have to pay your card off before interest charges accrue.
  2. Annual fee: a fee charged once a year for the service of the card. This annual fee can vary quite an amount depending on the other features of the card. 
  3. Balance Xfer %: this is shorthand for Balance Transfer percentage fee and indicates what percentage of a balance transfer will be charged as a fee. 0.0% is optimal as you wont incur in any fees for a balance transfer on this card.
  4. Purchases %: This is the interest rate charged on credit card purchases after the Interest Free Period expires.
  5. Cash Adv %: This is the cash advance interest rate fee – which is the interest rate you’ll be charged when advancing cash off your card from (for example) an ATM.

Review the best Credit Card Wellington issued last year 

After working through our site’s survey and selection process, you should be left with an extensive list of offering for best cards to fit your individual situation from a number of financial institutions. Having each card presented under the above 5 categories makes them clearly and easily comparable, and we feel it leaves you with the best opportunity to choose the best card for you.

After completing our survey, you’ll be left with the best Credit Card New Zealand can offer

Be sure to pay attention to the “More Info” section on each credit card detail panel at the end of the survey. In addition to each of the five categories we use to compare cards, each card has its own key set of Benefits and Rewards.

Some of the key benefits you may find listed are as follows:

  • Contactless technology: not a feature of all cards, contactless allows you to purchase goods and services with a fast and easy transaction, often without the use of a pin. Each bank may have a max amount a contactless transfer can take place within, generally it is a smaller amount like for instance $80.
  • No international transaction fee: this feature permits you to withdraw funds from an ATM whilst overseas and not be charged a specific international transaction fee. Great for those who travel frequently. Keep in mind though that cash advances accrue a specific interest rate.
  • Cheap balance transfers: some cards may list as a benefit that there’s a preferential balance transfer rate. This is the rate at which is applied to the initial balance transfer, often for the life of that single transfer until it’s paid off. A great option for people looking to consolidate debt across multiple cards.

Considering all this information on the survey, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind when comparing all this data.

You may come across an APR, which is the Annual Percentage Rate – this equates to the cost of borrowing on the card. 

Minimum payments are another thing to consider, these will also vary from card to card. It is effectively the minimum payment the banking partner needs from you every month. 

Introductory interest rates are another way banks use to describe a balance transfer – where you are offered a very attractive interest rate for the first main debt payment onto the card. In most cases this interest rate applies to that first transfer until it is paid off.

Once you’ve carefully compared all the relevant details of the cards suggested to you based on your survey answers, it’s time to start the application process.  Click the large green “Sign up now” button under the card of your choice, and you’ll be asked to enter a few basic contact details. These details are sent to whichever company you choose, and then your browser is directed to the bank’s credit card sign up page for you to complete the application. Simple!

At Glimp we’re passionate about independently comparing and validating the features of different credit cards out on the market, so we can help Kiwi’s compare, switch and save. We have a clearly defined mission to save our customers time and money.

We’d love to hear back from you if you’ve found our comparison service helpful – and if you’ve used it to find the best Credit Card New Zealand has for you. We’ve designed it to be fast, simple and effective, so if this has been valuable to you please let us know. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using links found on the bottom of this page… we’d love your reviews!


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