Keeping Connection Under Alert Level 3: Fibre Installations Resume

Date Jul 14, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Staff writer

 As New Zealand drops the alert status to Level 3, businesses start to reconnect to their loyal consumers, and glimp is no exception.

glimp’s broadband partner providers such as Now, Spark, and 2degrees shorten the distance as they resume fibre broadband installations. Urgent and non-urgent repairs, as well as personal consultation from a tech expert, also resume. During this time of global unrest, staying updated is just as important as staying at home. Consumers should know what’s the deal for them now that Alert Level 3 is imposed.

Maintaining the distance in getting you connected

To prevent further transmission of COVID-19, extensive health and medical screening will be observed to field technicians who are to perform their tasks. These measures include but not limited to:

  1. Phone call screening before visiting homes
  2. Observing social distancing and contact tracing, if applicable
  3. Using personal protective equipment (PPE) from Kiwis at high risk

With the strict implementation of these measures, glimp and fibre broadband providers ensure that the installation process remains safe for both your family and our staff. However, if you deem installing at your home unsafe, you can always reschedule it at a later date when everything goes back to normal.

Giving priority to essential workers

As essential workers work night and day, putting their health at risk, to serve us, glimp’s partner provider, 2degrees, announced that they are prioritising them. To check out if you meet the criteria to be an essential worker, check New Zealand's website about COVID-19.

If field technicians cannot install your fibre broadband immediately, kindly extend a little understanding as they service the essential workers first, then their pending installations that have been on-hold during Alert Level 4 status.

Supporting you from home

Through and through, Glimp supports you and will assist you in your concerns. While working from home, our services remain operational during our regular business hours.

Rest assured that our team will resolve your concerns according to the policies mandated by the government.

Switching broadband connections

Under Alert Level 3, most of our partners can proceed with the switch as long as it can be done remotely. Switches, which may require installation of new copper or fibre lines, may still be done, but at an extremely limited rate. 

Ensuring the best service, our telesales team can provide you with further information regarding your switch on your conversation with them.

Delivering modems at your doorsteps

If your area already has a fibre line, then switching providers can be done with ease. Orders of modems can also be delivered at the scheduled time as our partners ensure to have enough stocks to serve you.

For 2degrees modems, expect the delivery of the hardware within a minimum of 3-4 working days, and it is good to go.

Finding the right broadband for you

More than ever, it is high time that you have a broadband connection at home, as information about the virus is easily accessible through the internet. With the many options provided by broadband providers, however, it is as confusing as it gets. Save time in your broadband search.

Compare and get the best broadband deals in your area in just under four minutes with Glimp.

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Karyn Swallow , 2022-03-14

Extremely easy and fast to show suitable and economical choices, and also special promotions , I used it to find the best value and most suitable broadband for my situation. I am very happy with the results and to also see and understand the comparisons between the different businesses and their offerings. Will definitely use Glimp again

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Nice experience and helped me found my suitable power, telecom and gas provider.

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Fast easy service - was able to tailor to my situation. Would recommend!

Salote Fonua , 2022-03-02

Larry G was very helpful when we were setting our internet provider. He was very informative and patient with the process. Glimp is an awesome website when comparing and switching power/internet providers.