Factors to Consider Before Getting a Naked Broadband Plan NZ

Date Jul 14, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Michael Speight

Does getting naked sound a bit too much? We’re not talking about stripping naked… we’re talking about NZ’s most in-demand internet plans; naked broadband.

Naked broadband means having a broadband plan without a landline. You’re simply installing a broadband connection in your household as is – no lavish extras, no landline, no unnecessary add ons.

The number of Kiwi households who have been looking for naked broadband plans has increased by 22% since 2016. This is also true in comparison to Glimp’s data, which states that 71% of the users specifically looked for this type of broadband plan. This goes to show that more and more Kiwis are ditching the landline and opting to go naked.

Although the majority of New Zealanders have been looking for naked broadband plans, having a home landline still comes with a lot of benefits. So, should you go naked? Here are some factors to consider if you’re looking to purchase a naked broadband plan.

You don’t use a landline often

In this day and age of mobile phones, you would think that landlines are not essential anymore. However, there are still a lot of residences and businesses that need to have landlines.

One example is a household with an elderly occupant. Although they can learn how to use mobile phones, it’s easier for them to stick with landlines, as they already know how they work.

For businesses, using a landline can mean cutting costs, especially if they often use landlines to call their customers. This includes businesses such as accounting, medical, and sales, among others.

You use the internet for everything

If you use the internet to communicate, study, work, play, and do just about anything, then getting a naked broadband plan is the right choice for you.

This means that you won’t have to keep a landline that you’re not using. While you may consider keeping it - in case a situation arises that you need it - there are many alternatives that you can use such as instant messaging applications. Alternatively, you can always call or send an SMS through your mobile phone.

You want no fancy plans

Bundles are tempting to choose since you won’t have to worry about getting another service separately. However, you could end up paying more instead of actually saving with bundle deals.

Plans can get confusing if they’re loaded with too many add-ons and bundled with different services. Hence, naked broadband plans rids you of this, so you only get what you need. Another benefit of going naked is – it’s cheap! Since you’re only paying for broadband, it avoids you of any additional costs on your end.

You want to save costs

The best thing about going naked is it’s not only cheap, it saves you money too! Going naked is an economical decision to help reduce costs.

To maintain a landline connection, it would cost at least $10 per month. It’s a good deal if you use it daily, but if not, then it’s just unnecessary spending. Without a landline, you won’t have to pay these costs monthly. In a year, that’s $120  in savings, which you can use to upgrade your broadband to get faster speeds.

Have you decided to purchase a naked broadband plan? Perhaps, you want to cut your landline at home? Then be make sure to get the best naked broadband plan for your needs by comparing them here at Glimp.

Using our comparison tool, you can compare a wide array of the most in-demand naked broadband deals from different providers in New Zealand. Compare and save on your broadband connection and see why thousands of Kiwis have already gone naked!

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