Lockdown’s Over! Explore the World Safely With Travel Insurance

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After being quarantined in our homes for several weeks, some of the first things that everybody wants to do is to enjoy the sun, feel the breeze, and travel!

Before the pandemic, it was fairly normal to just stay at home and chill until we had to work again. But as this pandemic limited most of our movement, we realised now more than ever that the world is a beautiful place, worth exploring every nook and cranny of the globe.

When it's time to embark on a journey again, it’s important to travel with safety and good health being your top priorities. So before you pack your luggage, make sure to invest in travel insurance first.

Insurance covers your travel from start to finish

Travel insurance must be your top priority before you even begin to plan your travels. It will cover international and local travel, and will protect you from a diverse range of scenarios such as flight cancellations, medical treatments, lost luggage, car rental, and even accident costs.

The best travel insurance providers in New Zealand are there to ensure you’re not left hanging, especially if you are in another country.

Get insurance together with your ticket

Are you always forgetting to buy travel insurance? You can actually purchase it together when you book your plane ticket. Another great inclusion for NZ’s travel insurance providers is that it covers senior citizens even beyond the age of 85.

In the event that you forget to buy travel insurance, you can still purchase it when you’re already abroad. It can take around three days to activate once purchased, so keep this in mind while you travel.

Check how much coverage your plan offers

When choosing a plan, it’s a common impulse to buy travel insurance directly from your bank. While this may seem like a good option, buying from banks may not give you coverage as diverse as insurance companies such as Southern Cross and AA Insurance.

Always check the coverage to further secure your travels. While some banks offer free travel insurance, they are not as efficient in insuring your travels.

Know the process of your claims

Most insurance providers have a claims form that can be accessed online. When filling out the forms, be as honest as possible. Note that medical conditions, actions involved, and the exact occurrence of the incident may affect whether your claim is approved or denied.

It’s also important to bear in mind that intoxication can invalidate your claim. To avoid potential inconvenience, minimise your alcohol intake when you travel.

Take advantage of comparison websites

Insurance coverage is as personalised as it gets, because it considers all of your circumstances. To have a tailored fit insurance for all your needs, don’t just scroll randomly through different insurance pages; use a comparison website instead.

With Glimp, you can save time by keeping yourself from the endless scroll. The main benefit is that you can get a customised result for your insurance needs in just a few clicks.

The world is flawed, but that’s what makes it worth the travel, isn’t it? And while it may be flawed, it is beautiful and must not be contained through monitors and travel kits only.

After the lockdown and when the curves are flattened, you can get back to exploring the world! Get ready to once again feel the breeze, see the smiles, and immerse in the culture.

Have the ultimate travel adventure of a lifetime, safely and insured with travel insurance!

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