How travel insurance can ensure your holiday is stress free

Jul 14, 2020
Travel Insurance
By Staff writer


Travel insurance has started to be very popular within the last few years. When travelling to specific countries, it is even obligatory.

Even where it isn’t, it is vital to have travel insurance to be ready for anything that may go wrong during your trip.

From small accidents to the need for something bigger and even natural disasters, you can choose what to have covered by your policy. Check out the best travel insurance deals and see what suits your criteria. 

Do you need travel insurance?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself more than once if you should invest in travel insurance. The simple answer is “yes”, but we all know that you wouldn’t want to spend money on something you will most likely never need.

Therefore, if you travel a lot and you travel to places where it may be challenging to have good health-care, travel insurance is a must.

If you book your travel with agencies that are not well-known, or you go backpacking to countries that are in remote in civilisation you might as well be sure that if anything goes wrong, you have something to count on.

The same thing applies if you travel to countries where most citizens don’t speak your language and if anything goes wrong, rest-assured you have a service that you can count on.

On the other hand, if the only trip you take every year is across the country to visit your parents, you most probably don’t need travel insurance.

You have all the services you may need available and people you know for support. It is very low risk for something to go wrong on the way, that you need special insurance to solve it.

Instead of assuming straight away that you don’t need it and that you should just take the risk, you should have a serious think about your circumstances, the cost, the benefit and whether it is really worth it for you. 

How your holiday will be stress-free if you have travel insurance?

Travelling can be extremely stressful, even if you are travelling for a relaxing vacation. You can miss your flight, the company can lose your luggage, or you can find out that your booking did not go through and you don’t have any place to stay for the night.

The good news? The insurance company can reimburse you for all these things, and they can cover things like hotel expenses if your flight is late, or they can pay you a specific amount of money if your luggage is lost.  

Cover for medical and hospital expenses

If you took your time to compare travel insurance types, you would have seen that most of them cover medical and hospital expenses.

Depending on the policy that you choose, it can cover simple drugs that you may need for cold or complicated surgery that you may need during travel.

Nobody wants to think that they will need to stay in the hospital in a foreign country during a vacation. However, if this does happen, the costs can be huge; an easy way to take this off your mind is to buy travel insurance that covers medical expenses. 

Cancellation cover and travel delay

Your flight can be delayed or cancel at any time, and this is not a pleasant situation. You would have to find another flight, spend a long time in the airport or pay to stay in a hotel overnight.

Travel insurance can do all this for you, and they can give you back not only the money you spent for the hotel but also any other expenses (coffee, bus) and perhaps something extra for the inconvenience. 

Knowing you have all this covered, you wouldn’t feel like your entire trip is destroyed if your flight is cancelled and you have to stay in a hotel for two days while waiting for the next available flight. 

Personal liability cover

Let’s assume you are in your hotel room and you trip and fall over an expensive TV; the cost of this would be quite significant.

Or, in a worst-case scenario, you drive and hit someone crossing the street causing them minor injuries. In typical situations, you would have to pay a lot of money to get out of this situation, but if your travel insurance covers personal liability, you are out of the woods.

Of course, you have to make sure to add ‘Personal liability’ to your insurance from the beginning and attempt to avoid any of these things happening. 

Luggage and personal effects cover

It can be extremely frustrating to hear that the airline cannot find your luggage. It can be even worse to find that your expensive camera was stolen.

Either way, proper travel insurance can cover any of these situations, and you may get a specific amount of money for your luggage or the price of the object that was lost or stolen.

Just make sure you establish from the beginning what things are covered by the insurance. 

Get started with a travel insurance quote

If you decide that you need proper travel insurance and that you want to make every one of your travels a little less stress-free, then you should start by using Glimp; it will help you compare different travel insurances and find out what works best for you. 

Make sure you get good travel advice before planning any trip. There are things that you can only find out from professionals, and it may help you more than you think avoiding some unpleasant situations during travel. 

As long as you have the right travel insurance, you can enjoy your trip no matter what.  

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