Want Real Savings? Follow These Energy Efficient Practices For Every Season

Jun 1, 2021
By Staff writer

More than a year into the pandemic, it's important to learn how we can save money for the long term. This especially applies to our monthly bills — our constant expense for the rest of our lives. Unless, of course, you'd want to go off-grid, eventually.

As electricity rates are expected to increase this coming winter, it's best to consider these energy-saving tips you might be overlooking! It's always worth a try, as these savings really add up over time!



Invest in an induction cooktop

Induction technology has been around for years now, and if you haven't switched yet, it's about time you consider it. An induction cooker can save you energy and is 12% more efficient compared to an electric stove. 

Beware of energy vampires.

You might not be aware of this, but there are some appliances in your kitchen known as "energy vampires," such as microwave and coffee pot, that could be consuming energy even when they're turned off or idle. Make sure to unplug your appliances when not in use.

Defrost your food

It's easy to forget this, and most of us just end up microwaving our frozen food before cooking. Make it a habit to defrost your food before cooking as this will save you not only some cooking time, but also electricity.

Put a lid on your kitchenware.

Make sure to put the lids on your pots and pans while cooking! It will trap the heat inside, which can help cook your meals faster.

Keep your fridge well-stocked

That's right. It turns out your fridge consumes less energy when it's well-stocked, so make sure to fill up the vacant spaces with water or other goods if needed. If your fridge is almost always empty, you might want to consider turning it off instead.

Living Room and Bedroom

Turn off lights during the day

If your place gets a good amount of sunlight during the daytime, take advantage of this free light source. Open your curtains or windows and place your work desk near it so you can be productive during the day without having to turn on your lights.

Opt for bright-colored walls

Opt for a light color when it comes to your walls as they can reflect light better. Darker walls require more light that may cost you to consume more energy. 

Use curtains

It's almost winter, which means energy consumption is likely to increase. Make your rooms cozier by putting up more curtains. Aside from that, curtains can also help block heat during the summer.

Get indoor plants

Aside from being a great house decor, indoor plants like pothos and snake plants are great to keep the air in your place clean. They can also help increase the humidity level in your home and lessen household dust. 

Other tips to consider:

Update to energy-efficient appliances

This might be a costly move, but something that will benefit you in the long run! Outdated appliances might be consuming more energy than you think, and switching them to new ones, especially those that are ENERGY STAR certified, will lower your monthly power bill.

Find out how much you're consuming monthly.

Monitor your power usage by going through your monthly bills. If you want to know which of your appliances are still consuming energy even when they're on "sleep" or stand-by mode, invest in an affordable watt-meter.

Make sure you're in the right power plan.

Some people pay more than they should for electricity simply because they’re in the wrong power plan. If you want to know whether you’re on the right plan with the provider, you can use a comparison tool wherein you can compare prices and plans from the leading power providers in NZ based on your needs and location. You can also get some amazing deals you won’t normally see if you go to the provider’s website.

Reduce your electricity bill and prepare for the winter season by switching to the right plan. Start comparing today, right here at glimp!

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