Does Fibre Broadband Increase Wifi Download Speeds?

Date Sep 17, 2020
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By Staff writer

Upgrading to fibre broadband greatly improves your online activity – not only is it faster but it’s also more reliable. It’s great for downloading and uploading large files,  streaming videos, and browsing through social media

As everyone at home becomes more busy learning and working online due to COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to switch to a fibre broadband plan that ticks all the right boxes. 

How fast is fibre broadband?  

Speed varies on your carrier. Compared to ADSL or VDSL, shifting to fibre broadband should make online browsing faster. It's an advanced network cable that offers better bandwidth and data performance than the metal conductor lines we used to have. This kind of optic cabling transfers information through light pulses, which pass down plastic or transparent glass pipes. These are a litter wider compared to an average hair strand and are normally wrapped by a layer of cladding. The glass strands in optical fibre are central to the system- making it independent of the location to a street cabinet or post for an improved wifi connection.  

In New Zealand, download speeds can go up to 900 Mbps while upload speeds go up to 500 of 20 Mbps. Even if multiple users go online at the same time, you won’t experience any delay or interruption while surfing.

The connection can be unsteady sometimes due to the age of your device, the weather, and the time of day – so always check your internet speed to ensure that all is well with your connection. 


How to speed up wifi connection?

Wifi or wireless fidelity is a radio technology that allows your devices such as phones, laptops, PC, and tablets to communicate with each other without being plugged into a wired network. Although connecting to the wifi, powered by fibre broadband, allows a faster internet speed, it can slow down depending on the distance from your router and the number of gadgets that are connected simultaneously. 

Stay close to your router

It is advised that you put your router near the centre of your home for a better reach of all devices. You will find a more stable wifi signal when you're closer to the router. 

Keep it out of obstacles 

Wifi signals can be weakened by solid construction materials like concrete, metal, cinder box, wood and drywall. Ensure that the sides and front of your router are clear of obstacles to enhance your wifi connection. 

Look out for other Wifi-enabled devices 

Microwave ovens, baby monitors, and Bluetooth devices are something to consider when experiencing lag with your wifi. These are commonly using the same radio frequency that results in electromagnetic interference that causes an unstable fibre connection. 

Change wifi frequency to 5 GHz frequency

Try connecting to your fibre broadband's 5 GHz signal for an improved internet or download speed. Interference when using the wifi usually occurs on the 2.4 GHz signal because microwave ovens, as mentioned, and common devices at home also use the 2.4 GHz signal.

Update your device 

Older phones and PCs affect your download speeds. The newest devices, whether they be laptops or tablets, use standards that allow fast wifi speeds. To check if your phone enables a faster wifi connection, see if it follows the standard. For instance, your phone with an 802.11ac Wave2 standard will get the fastest speed compared to a device that's using the 802.11g protocol which only enables data transfer rates up to 54Mbps. 

Change security settings

Switch to WPA2 security in your fibre broadband to increase download and overall wifi speeds. Aside from protecting your network from unauthorized usage of bandwidth, using an open or WEP security setting can be easily hacked as this is also an old protocol that has been improved through WPA2 security with AES which is said to use a strong encryption standard. 

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