Broadband Plans: Do You Still Need a Landline?

Date Jul 13, 2020
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By Michael Speight

Are landlines becoming a thing of the past? Many people have been asking themselves if they really need a landline at their home. The rise of the mobile phone, and the applications that come with it, have made the landline an obsolete and unnecessary expense for many people.

In this blog post, we talk about the benefits and potential drawbacks of having a landline and whether you need a landline to access the internet. 

Do You Still Need a Landline?

The list of reasons for not having a landline is fairly comprehensive but we want to focus on the reasons why people have kept their landlines. From our research, one of the reasons for keeping a landline is that people prefer the simplification that a landline offers. Whilst a smartphone is great for many things, it can be overwhelming for others. Not everyone needs to play games or use Instagram. A landline serves one purpose and does it really well without fault. 

Other people choose to keep their landline as it is relatively inexpensive for the plan that they are on. Another reason that we found quite interesting is to encourage young children to use a landline so that they aren’t exposed to a mobile phone at a young age.

Deciding whether or not you need a landline is very much a subjective decision and it depends on your needs and preferences. 


Reasons to Get Rid Of Your Landline

The first reason to cancel your landline has to do with the associated costs. A landline alone can cost roughly $50 per month. However, many New Zealand providers offer Broadband and Landline deals that reduce the cost a bit. On top of your broadband deal, you can get a landline connected for an additional fee of $0 to $10 a month depending on who you are with. 

Another reason to consider getting rid of your landline is that the cost of calling from a mobile phone can actually be cheaper compared to a landline, and you can make free calls with applications such as WhatsApp. It has also been shown that landlines are more susceptible to spam phone calls from unwanted numbers. 

Do I Need a Landline for Broadband? 

One reason for keeping your landline is that it used to be required to have a landline in order to gain access to the internet. However, in many areas this is no longer the case as “Naked” Broadband plans are available from many broadband providers.

Naked broadband allows you to access broadband without the need of a landline. This is achieved by using the fibre network to deliver broadband. Naked broadband is currently available to 80% of New Zealand homes.  If you are deciding whether or not you want to keep your landline, we recommend that you compare broadband plans in your area to see if you are getting the best deal possible. Simply enter your address and apply the filters to find plans that are relevant to your needs.

You can filter by landline requirements, contract preferences and the type of internet speed that you need. You will receive information about monthly prices, broadband provider information, contract obligations and details about the broadband bundles. 

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Matthew Symmons , 2021-12-14

*edit - turns out the providers are all upgrading and the glimp site is more up to date* Both the highlighted deals i clicked through to get turned out to be inaccurate speeds. Glimp saying 300/100 both providers only offering 100/20 for the price given, despite giving the same address in both sites. still giving 3 stars though as regardless the deals through Glimp are better than the standard advertised deals on the providers site.

Leah Te Rangi , 2021-09-28

Sign up didn't go quite the way it was meant to. But Kate called and she walked through everything so we could work out what went wrong. she was patient, friendly, supportive and kept me calm to finally get plan registration sorted ( still can't log in though - she must be magic )