Quick and Easy Tips For Secure Online Shopping

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One of the most convenient ways to buy holiday presents is through online shopping. At the comfort of your home, you can score quality finds with big discounts in just about anything! Be it your favourite clothing, jewellery, gadgets, and other items!

As great as online shopping gets, however, cybersecurity concerns have also become prominent. Reports of consumers getting scammed, or had their personal data used in fraudulent activities are quite common. With this increasing number of cyberattacks, it’s more than relevant to secure your personal information before putting it online.

Shop confidently with these cybersecurity measures. 

Check if the website is secure

Before entering your personal information like your complete name, address, and credit card details, among others, you should look for a look ‘padlock’ symbol before the URL. The link should also start with “https,” and not “http.” The “s” in this link stands for “secure,” meaning that the webpage is encrypted.

Check out using a secured connection

Don’t just check out your cart using any internet connection — especially a public WiFi, as your personal data may get compromised! Using an unsecured public internet connection means you’re not the only who’s connected to the same network. Hackers may connect to the same network at the same time you’re connected, and spy on your personal information. It’s best to check out your cart using your home broadband or mobile data. 

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Use your credit card whenever possible

While both debit and credit cards can be used in almost all online stores in New Zealand, it’s better to use credit cards as they offer more security features. Most banks reduce your liability if your information is compromised through a credit card. Aside from credit cards, mobile payment processing services like PayPal and Apple Pay offer enhanced security as well.

Buy only from reputable stores

There are plenty of online stores popping up everywhere! While this means more options, this also means higher chances of getting your personal data stolen. As a rule of thumb, always order and purchase items from reputable online stores and marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress, and 1-day. 

Keep your devices up-to-date

An outdated software means outdated security options and settings! That’s why it’s important to keep your devices and mobile banking apps updated before purchasing items online. This way, the device and the apps can easily detect suspicious activities, possible scams, and other phishing methods that may compromise your data.

Avoid auto-filling and auto-saving your passwords

It’s undoubtedly convenient to not fill out your username and password over and over again. However, it may come with the potential risk of data compromise if the app’s database were to be compromised. As much as possible, don’t auto-fill and auto-save passwords. If it can be helped, make sure to have a secured password that can’t easily be predicted.

Beware of charity donation scams

The holiday season is also the time of giving — and this is precisely what cybercriminals want to ride on! There’s nothing wrong with sharing your blessings, but make sure that it’s not at the expense of your data. To be safe, contact the charity or organisation to confirm their credibility and reputation before donating.

Review permissions

Don’t just agree whenever apps and websites ask permissions to access your photos, cameras, microphones, or local files — also check why they're doing this. Although the website is indeed secured, many cybercriminals can still access your information through these permissions that you agreed yourself! If you believe it’s not necessary for your holiday online shopping, disable these permissions.

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Don’t miss out on your favourite items!

Now that you’ve secured your data, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to check out your cart! Great news is, Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming in the next few weeks so you can shop for your favourite items with big markdowns.

Stocks may run out fast in the biggest sale events of the year, so check out early! Make sure your internet speeds coordinates with your online shopping. Before the sale happens, get the fastest and most reliable broadband plan that matches your needs.

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