Cut Down On Heating Costs And Save For Christmas

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It may be getting warmer, but it’s still chilly! And with Christmas only a few short months away, you may be feeling the sting of your heating bill more acutely.

Cut down on heating costs by employing DIY solutions such as covering windows with bubble wrap and investing in draft stoppers. Our glimp comparison tool also allows you to compare power providers within your region to see if you’re getting the best deal possible. With the money you save, you can treat your family to some extra special gifts this Christmas time.

Simple DIY Ways to Lower Energy Bills

Insulation is often the first step towards lowering your energy bills. A home that isn’t properly insulated will force you to spend unnecessary money on making up for the lack of insulation. Insulation plays a large role in keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. You can insulate many parts of your home including your walls, windows, floors, ceilings, attic and roof. Insulating your home is often one of the most efficient ways of lower costs and getting that desired room temperature. 

A popular DIY solution that you can use for your home is bubble wrapping! Bubble wrapping is a quick and budget-friendly way to insulate chilly homes. Any type of bubble wrap works well but for best results, we recommend using the ones with medium to large sized bubbles. Simply cut the bubble wrap to fit your window, spray a little water and apply the bubble wrap to the windowpane. The bubble wrap still allows light to come through and the effect is similar to a frosty tint. When the temperature starts to become warmer you can remove the wrap and store it for next season.

Draft stoppers are another easy DIY method for conserving energy and reducing energy bills. A draft stopper (a.k.a. door pillow, draft blocker or draft dodger) is a long, thin pillow that you place at the bottom of your doors or windows. They are easy to make or you can go to your local homeware store to purchase one for as little as $15. The idea is that the draft stopper will prevent heat from escaping in the gaps at the bottom of your doors or windows. Tiny gaps in your doors and windows can add an additional 10-25% onto your electricity bill. Draft stoppers are both a simple and aesthetically pleasing DIY solution for reducing your power bill.

Compare Electricity Prices And Find The Best Deal In Town

Changing your power provider can go a long way to cutting down on costs throughout the year. Switching providers can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Through glimp, you can compare electricity prices from the providers in your region and find out how much you can save. The glimp comparison tool will give you a complete overview of the options available to you. Compare the prices, features and benefits of each provider before you decide if you wish to change power providers.

Take advantage of these tips and tricks now so that you can start saving your hard-earned money and spend it on your family and friends this Christmas. 


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