Why getting a NZ smartmeter matters. Go cost-efficient with smartmeter technology

Jul 13, 2020
By Staff writer


Ever considered getting a smartmeter? Well, you should! The importance of modern technological solutions that optimize the use of critical resources can hardly be exaggerated. By “critical”, we imply electricity, gas, and water, although additional ones also come to mind. 

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Individual metering is a good idea if you intend to cut down on your bills (and who doesn’t?), especially if we keep in mind that smart meters are not as expensive as people usually think. On the contrary! In most cases, they come at no cost at all!

Installing a smartmeter NZ.

Installing a smartmeter NZ is fast and, in most cases, easy and cost-free. Lots of options to choose from, too. Before we dive deeper into that matter, however, allow us to explain what smart meters precisely are. These are devices that help you keep track of what power you are using. Normally, there will be one meter type or another installed at your house. Smart meters have been installed on a lot of properties. Typically, they are installed in the same place as the old analogue meter (most often, located on an exterior wall of your house). 

Nowadays, many electricity companies require smart meters. This is good news, especially in light of the fact that the cost of electricity generation is rising and the trend is unlikely to reverse. Nationwide, electricity remains the main heating source in winter months, too. According to recent surveys, one-third of the population fears electricity generation prices will go up, and rightly so. 

Getting a smartmeter, as you can see, indeed is a must, and Glimp can help you compare all offers. But first, if you don’t know what type of meter you already have, make sure to contact your electricity supplier. 

Analogue meters vs. smart meters

An analogue meter records the amount of electricity you have used since the last time it was read. A smart meter records the amount of electricity your household is using at half hourly intervals and sends the info to your supplier. 

The main benefit of a smart meter is that your supplier will only charge you for the power you have used. This opposed to a monthly estimate based on your previous consumption profile (analogue meter). In addition, some electricity companies provide online tools that allow you to track your real-time power consumption. Still not enough? Worried about your data being distributed?

No need for that. All electricity companies are bound by the Privacy Act 1993 to keep your personal information – personal. Your smart meter data are to be used only for the purpose for which they have been collected. Further out, your supplier’s privacy policy must include the info on the purposes of your smart meter data. Check out your contract. 

So far, more than 1.2 million meters have already been installed in New Zealand, outnumbering the 900,000 remaining analogue meters. The numbers vary greatly depending on the region and on the electricity company. Check out which suppliers offer smart meters as it has never been easier to switch providers. Get best low-user plans and pay only for the amount of electricity used.


Electric use meters FAQ.

Electric use meters FAQ answered below:

Will I have to pay for the installation of a smart meter?

  • Generally speaking, no. If your electricity provider is switching (or has already switched) to smart meter technology, you may get your analogue meter replaced by a smart meter at no charge. If your provider doesn’t require you to install a smart meter, then you will probably have to pay for the installation. Check with your electricity supplier if unsure. 

Who is responsible for the cost of fixing my faulty electricity meter? 

  • The owner of the smartmeter is to cover the fixing cost. Now, who owns the smart meter installed at your home? If you didn’t buy one yourself, it could be owned by the electricity retailer, the line company, or the independent meter company. The fastest way to discover the answer is to ask your electricity supplier. 

I suspect my readings are wrong. What do I do? 

  • In such cases, you will need to contact your electricity supplier. Keep in mind, however, that if no fault is found, you will be charged for the inspection. 

My electricity supplier is planning to replace the analogue meter at my house with a smart meter. Do I have a say in the matter? 

  • That depends on your contract terms. In most cases, the contract stipulates that the electricity supplier can replace your meter. If you don’t want a smart meter installed at your house, contact your provider to see if there are any options available. If there is no way to avoid it, you may simply switch providers.  

Are there any privacy concerns related to smart meters? 

  • Numerous concerns have been voiced on this matter, but, as stated above, all electricity suppliers are bound by the Privacy Act 1993 to keep your personal information secure. Read the Privacy Commissioner statement on the issue on your supplier’s website. For additional information, go to the Electricity Authority website. It contains the info on all there is to know about smart meters and your rights in relation to them. 

Electricity retailers increasingly getting smarter with a smartmeter.

According to Electricity Authority Chief Executive Carl Hansen, “Many of the new entrants in the electricity market over the last two years have built their business models on the basis of smartmeter technology. This is creating new choices for consumers and further enhancing competition.” 

The Authority’s latest data show that over half of electricity retailers have 80% of their customers with smart meters. New retailers have 100% smart meters installed, as they strive to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and offer new tariffs. Therefore, if you are serious about reducing your bills, collate the offer – 35 electricity suppliers are operating nationwide!

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