Best broadband New Zealand packages at a glance. Compare ISPs nationwide and find the best option for you within minutes.

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Glimp makes the task fast and convenient.

Looking for best broadband New Zealand packages? Go no further! At Glimp, we make things as straightforward as they get by redefining the term "fast comparison". Whether you are into an ADSL, VDSL, or fibre plans, you will  find the optimum deal at best prices at Glimp. 

Compare all broadband plans at Glimp and find the cheapest one for you. Easy. Fast. Online.

As far as things stand, ADSL remains the most common broadband type used in New Zealand, due to it covering even remote places. Mind your location, as it is the first thing that may (or may not) limit your options. What is typical for ADSL is that download speeds are way higher than upload speeds - no exceptions. Further out, there are two types of ADSL available (depending on your location that is) - ADSL and ADSL2+. ADSL delivers ca. 2 Mbps speeds and the broadband cabinet needs to be located up to 6km away from your home. ADSL2+ delivers up to 24 Mbps speeds and the cabinet needs to be located up to 2km from your home. The longer the distance, the lower the speed. 

There are additional bandwidth options, notably VDSL and fibre. If your location allows for one of the twain, you will be able to get a faster internet connection with no difficulties whatsoever.  

Available broadband NZ options: ADSL, VDSL, and fibre. Choosing the best broadband plan. 

As stated above, most common broadband NZ options include ADSL, VDSL, and fibre packages. Choosing the best deal is linked to your online habits, location, and the number of devices to access the web. The latter does not necessarily imply that all devices must get equal bandwidth. Many routers and programs have the bandwidth control option, which means you may assign a specific maximum bandwidth for each and every device. 

As already mentioned, ADSL is known for delivering considerably higher upload speeds. VDSL delivers 3 times faster download rates - 15 Mbps to 70 Mbps, while upload rates range from 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps.  

A third choice, popularly known as Fibre Internet, and professionally as UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband), may reach the speed of 1 Gbps both upstream and downstream. At the moment, most common speeds in NZ revolve around 300 Mbps, but with the technology expanding constantly, greater speeds are to be expected, and soon at that. 

Compare broadband NZ ISPs and deals at Glimp with ease! Find best deals within minutes! 

Getting the best and cheapest unlimited broadband NZ: compare ISPs and deals at Glimp today!

Unlimited broadband NZ packages are offered widely, and are, as a rule, the most expensive option out there. No brainer, that, but they also offer some considerable benefits. For starters, many unlimited broadband deals come with the no throttling clause, which means your traffic will never get limited or slowed down. What you need take into consideration when deciding on the deal is its duration. Namely, some providers indeed do offer no-term contracts, but usually you will get to choose between 6 and 24 month agreements. These may well be accompanied by additional gains, but there are also some drawbacks to consider, too. E.g., early termination- and move of address fees may apply.

Most  unlimited broadband New Zealand deals offer transfers of all calls to mobile and allocate a local phone number. Some providers do guarantee one free move of address within 12 months, so make sure to read the terms thoroughly before deciding on  single package. 

  1. Flip has the most five-star ratings for overall customer satisfaction. A relatively new company, Flip was established in 2012 and has since come to cover most of the country. Its plans are no-contract more often than not, and call packs and modems come as extras. The prices start at ca. $50 a month.
  2. Slingshot has achieved four stars in every category. The ISP offers ADSL, VDSL, and UFB, as well as a wide variety of mobile phone plans. The prices start at ca. $60 a month.
  3. 2Degrees is the only NZ ISP to have achieved five stars for its network performance. The company offers a range of broadband plans and additional speed boosts and home phone packages. Occasionally offered are various discounts. The prices start at $75 a month. 
  4. Orcon specialises in UFB, offering download speeds between 700 Mbps and 900 Mbps. The main disadvantages, according to its users, are a somewhat poorer customer service and contract unclarity. The prices start at $135 a month. 
  5. Trustpower provides UFB and ADSL connections and offers additional discounts with a gradual rise in prices. The prices start at ca. $60 a month. 
  6. Spark provides ADSL, VDSL, and UFB. If you are from Dunedin, you might wish to consider this ISP first, as it offers gigabit plans for the area. Most plans offer unlimited data. The prices start at ca. $95 a month. 
  7. Vodafone offers ADSL, VDSL, fibre, and fibre X connections. Packages are available on a naked- and/or home phone bundle basis. The prices start at ca. $100 a month. 

Keep in mind, however, that, apart from these prominent ISPs, there are many other smaller/local providers well worth your time. Compare ISPs and broadband deals at Glimp to find the best package for you in a matter of minutes!  

Best broadband New Zealand deals? Find them out at Glimp! 

Everything considered, there are many broadband New Zealand packages to choose from. Remember to keep in mind the number of devices in your household, your location, and all users' online habits, and then - choose away!

Most Kiwis use the Internet for online shopping and streaming, so it is good to know that 6 Mbps will suffice for most video-on-demand services and 10 Mbps - for streaming HD video.

Compare all broadband plans at Glimp and find the cheapest one for you. Easy. Fast. Online.

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