A Review of Broadband Providers in Auckland

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Finding the best internet providers Auckland has to offer YOU : 

Finding the best broadband Auckland has available specifically for you can be tricky; there are so many options and you may not know enough about Internet or broadband services to know when you’re getting the best deal.  

At Glimp, we have come up with a solution for you. We have created an easy to use, compare and contrast review site that compiles all of your options in an easy to understand interface. This way, you can see each broadband provider’s plan and determine the best option for you.  

The first step of a Glimp comparison is determining where service is needed by inputting your address. Next, add filters such as “landline”, “contract” “speed” and even “data coverage” (unlimited or otherwise). Finally, see your options laid out in front of you; it really is that simple! 

Compare Broadband providers Glimp offers: 

We have broken down the results from some of our comparison audits and outlined the pros and cons of each service provider. Ready to find your best fit? Keep reading:  

In order to choose the broadband service that fits you and your household best, you first must compare broadband providers. The easiest way to do this, especially if you’re a visual person, is through a Glimp comparison but we have also laid out a written report of the Glimp results for you here. 

The main Internet providers we have found to be the most reliable are: 

  • Stuff Fibre
  • Bigpipe 
  • Compass 
  • MyRepublic 
  • Spark 
  • 2 degree 
  • Slingshot
  • Vodafone  

NOTE: All Internet comparisons are based on “Heavy” Internet usage and “unlimited data only” filters. 

Stuff Fibre continually comes out on top as the most affordable option. Stuff Fibre allows you to opt out of a contract or be in one, decide if you want a landline (or not) and includes free installation. (In fact, almost all of the providers we have hand selected for you provide free installation). 

Stuff Fibre is the most flexible and forgiving provider, giving you a 30 day-money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service. The provider also gives a 10$ cash back deal to those that sign up through Glimp, a win-win for the customer and Stuff Fibre (and Glimp)! It is also one of the easiest interfaces available through Glimp. 

Another no contract option is Compass, priced at about 100$ NZD (less if you don’t need a landline). With no cancellation fee if you have no contract, Compass ranks decently high in flexibility as well. Their modem is 125$ NZD compared with other providers free modem but still ranks lower than the most expensive modem option. 

If you do want secure a contract for yourself, Compass has some great contract options as well. With a 199$ NZD cancellation fee but 24 months of service and free or only 20$ modem, the costs come out around the same as the no contract option. 

Slingshot is very comparable to Compass, at almost the same overall costs, modem costs and cancellation policies. However, Slingshot does not have a no contract option, but will include free Chromecast for your streaming pleasure. 

Vodafone, similarly, has comparable costs, no installation costs, no no-contract option BUT does not offer chromecast. It is also slightly more expensive than other options. 

MyRepublic offers a no contract option but installation, coverage and modem costs are high, about 99$ and 199$, respectively. 

Two degree and Spark are typically the most costly options. With two degree, you get a 24 month contract option but the first 12 months are less expensive than the last 12. You have the option of a landline or not and modem costs are low (15$ NZD). 

All Spark plans offer free installation and a free modem plus a choice of 12 month or 24 month plans but has an extremely high 12 month termination charge of 199$ NZD. 

So that’s the gist, the basic run-down of Auckland’s best broadband service providers. 

How to sift through the options and determine the best Internet Auckland has to offer you and your family:  

Glimp is the best tool to use to determine not only the service provider but the plan that works best for you. The best Internet Auckland has for you may not be the best for your neighbor or your best friend.  

Customize your service provider and plan to come up with a plan that suites you best.  

Don’t want to get locked into a contract? No problem. 
Don’t need a landline? We get it. 
Need to pay as little as possible? We certainly get that. 

Whatever your concerns, Glimp can find your perfect plan. 

For the best Internet providers Auckland has available, trust Glimp to lay out your options FAST and in a CLEAR, EASY to understand way. 

Finding the perfect broadband Auckland has to offer you is as easy as 5 quick steps. Make your way to Glimp now to see just how easy. 

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brent Dinnan , 2020-09-18

Used Glimp to compare prices for Broadband and toke thier adivce and signed up with a new plan saving a fair bit each month... I should have first gone to my provider as the yoffered me a better price to stay with them... lesson learnt

Sophie Turnbull , 2020-09-14

Received great technical support from Ronualdo two times this morning - both times he fixed my problem quick smart! Thank you :)