Common Landlord Problems You Need to Be Wary of When Renting Out Your Property

Date Aug 19, 2020
Blog category Insurance
By Staff writer

As a property owner, there are limits as to how you can safeguard your investment from unexpected occurrences. Tenants could turn rowdy, damaging important fixtures like floorboards, ceilings, or rooftops. Bad weather can strike, damaging the building with heavy rains and floodwater. And sometimes, even the best tenants could encounter an accident while walking down the slippery stairs on a cold winter’s day. As a landlord, problems such as these are very common, so you might want to keep them in mind in advance. Let’s look further into these common problems:

Damage to personal property

When you’re renting out a furnished property, this can be quite common. Tenants could damage fixtures like furniture, carpets, appliances, and even lights. Now, these furnishings add a lot of value to an existing property already up for rent, so many owners use landlord insurance to ensure the timely repair of these items - and, without having to pay for repairs out of their own pocket. In fact, many landlords even take out a policy for vacant units. 

If you’re aiming to take out a landlord insurance policy, do note that having additional content coverage could eat into your profits. Carefully weigh your options before jumping the gun.

Natural disasters

Even more difficult to prepare for than unruly tenants are natural disasters. By its very nature, weather can be very unpredictable, and the impacts of a powerful storm or an earthquake can easily exceed any advanced forecasts. Landlord problems arise when extreme weather causes damage to both external and internal parts of your property.

Depending on your location, the risk of your property suffering under a natural disaster could either increase or decrease. Low-level properties could be more susceptible to floodwater. Others might be more prone to earthquakes. This means that ideally, even prior to getting your property built or purchased, you should do your research in advance.

In the event that your purchased property is already at risk however, landlord insurance can still help. You just have to compare different providers and policy offerings, in order to avoid a situation where paying for all the repairs out of pocket would cost less than having the property insured.

Medical liability

Landlords tend to get sued more often than homeowners. It does make sense, given that you do have your own responsibilities in keeping the place safe and secure before renting it out to other people. Common landlord problems include accidents on the property or injury caused by something like an electrical malfunction. 

Having landlord insurance to cover this can be very useful, as you won’t have to spend too much money just to defend yourself. In fact, it’s highly recommended for every landlord to have insurance just for this reason. Unless you feel like you are capable of paying for exorbitant legal fees and settlements out of pocket.

The best way to prepare for landlord problems

The best way to prepare for landlord problems is to take out landlord insurance. It’s highly recommended for landlords to evaluate all their options when it comes to insurance, just to ensure that your cover actually fits your needs. These common landlord problems can easily eat into your profit margin, rendering your investment moot. So, safeguard your property with the right cover today. You never know just when trouble will strike after all!

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