What Are Cheapest Broadband Plans In Auckland This 2021?

Date Apr 20, 2021
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By Sieg C

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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars annually for a fast and reliable internet plan! Especially if you’re in Auckland, where you got plenty of affordable broadband choices from the leading providers in the country. 

The best part is, you don’t compromise on your plan just because they’re affordable! These deals have many useful inclusions such as a free high-tech modem, free installation, free family filter, as well as an optional home line and static IP address. Some providers even include bundle deals for mobile, power, gas, and other utilities.

Here are the most affordable broadband plans in Auckland this 2021. It’s important to take note of the following pointers before checking out these affordable plans.

  • Most deals are available across Auckland but they may still vary per location.
  • Some broadband deals are available for a limited time period only.
  • Plans, inclusions, fees, and prices may change without prior notice.
  • Some deals are exclusively available when you sign-up right here at glimp.

Stuff Fibre Base Plan

If you don’t want the fancy extras and simply want to skimp on your monthly broadband plan, then Stuff Fibre Base Plan should be the cheapest plan in Auckland. For their 12-month contract, they offer the first four months of your plan for half the original price. If you opt for their 24-month contract, they extend this half-price promotion for up to six months.

For their 12-month contract, the plan costs $42.48 per month for the first four months. The price returns to $84.95 per month after the promotional period ends. The same price applies to the 24-month contract as well.

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 100/20 Mbps
  • Contract: 12-month, 24-month, open term
  • Modem: Free gigabit router
  • Modem postage: $14.95 one-off
  • Installation: Free
  • Exit fee: Up to $99

Inclusions include local customer service support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a free SafeZone. Other extras include a Voice App for an extra $10 per month. You can also get an upgraded router for a $299 one-off fee.

NOW Unlimited

Looking for a cheap broadband plan with great local customer service support? NOW Unlimited may just be what you’re searching for! For their 12-month contract, get the first six months for half the price of the original plan! Make sure to use our comparison tool to take advantage of this excellent promotion.

Price starts at $42.50 per month for the first six months of the 12-month contract. The plan will cost $85 per month for the remainder of your plan. This sums to about $765.00 annually. This is one of the cheapest annual broadband plans that you get in Auckland today!

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 100/20 Mbps
  • Contract: 12-month
  • Modem: $120-$480 one-off ($10-$40/month over 12 months) or BYO
  • Modem postage: $14 one-off 
  • Installation: Free
  • Exit fee: Up to $199

As you can expect from a provider that places a big focus on customer care, NOW has a dedicated locally-based tech support team for all your enquiries and concerns. Optional in-home assist membership for $19.95 per month includes two one-hour tech visits to your home per year, unlimited remote assistance, and a 10% off of their home and tech products. 

A home line and a static IP address are also both available for $5 per month. 

MyRepublic Fibre 100

Customisation doesn’t have to cost heaps of money! MyRepublic lets you customise your plan up to the type of router you need or want. While some personalisation of your plan can cost a few extra bucks, it’s worth it to maximise your plan to its full potential. For their 12-month term, the base plan costs half the original price for the first three months

The first three months of your 12-month contract costs as low as $42.50 per month. The original price of the plan at $85 per month will be charged after the promotional period. Simply use our discount code at glimp upon signing up for the plan.

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 100/20 Mbps
  • Contract: 12-month
  • Modem: $0-$32 per month, $840 one-off, or BYO (T&C apply)
  • Modem postage: $14.95 one-off
  • Installation: Free
  • Exit fee: Up to $240

Add-ons range from a static IP address for $8 per month and a home line for $5-$10 per month with an option to keep your old number. You can choose between Home Phone which includes unlimited local calls and a Home Voice which includes unlimited local calls with national minutes and pay-as-you-go international calls.

Orcon Fibre 100

If you don’t want to skimp on discounts but still want to keep your broadband plan on a budget, Orcon Fibre 100 is the right plan for you. If you sign up with glimp, you can get an exclusive deal of a $20 discount for the first twelve months of your plan. You can even get an extra 10% off if you bundle your power with your plan!

For their 12-month plan, get this exclusively for only $69.95 per month. While some pay monthly plans are way more affordable, the deal sums to only $839.40 a year! This deal ranks as one of the best-selling plans right here at glimp.

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 100/20 Mbps
  • Contract: 12-month
  • Modem: $0-$10 per month or BYO
  • Modem postage: $14.95 one-off
  • Installation: Free
  • Exit fee: Up to $250

Additional 5-port switches for $25 one-off, a home line for as low as $5 per month, a static IP address for $10 per month, and a free family filter are available. Aside from a power bundle, a mobile bundle is also available for as low as $20 per month.

Slingshot Fibre 100

Slingshot is better known as a bang-for-the-buck mobile plan provider, but they’re also one of the best value broadband providers! Slingshot Fibre 100 lets you enjoy three months of your broadband plan for free! The best part is, they’re also a power provider! That’s why they offer a 10% discount with a power bundle.

The plan costs $84.95 per month on their 12-month contract. However, this sums to only $764.55 per year! It’s one of the cheapest broadband plans annually! This very affordable price is possible because the first three months of your plan is free of charge.

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 100/20 Mbps
  • Contract: 12-month
  • Modem: Free rental or BYO
  • Modem postage: $14.95 one-off
  • Installation: Free
  • Exit fee: Up to $250

You can get a new modem or an “ugly modem.” This is a pre-loved modem, which is still in great working condition. Every time you get this modem, Slingshot will donate $15 to Keep New Zealand Beautiful — a non-profit organisation to keep communities clean. 

You can also opt for BYO and score an extra $25.00 credit. Other inclusions include a home line for $5 per month, a static IP address for $10 per month, and a free family filter.

Find the perfect cheapest broadband plan in Auckland

It’s important to remember that price is just one of the factors that make your broadband plan great. Sometimes, it may be better to opt for a pricier plan if it means getting the inclusions that you need and want in your broadband deal. More than the price, also consider your online activities, budget, lifestyle, and situation.

Find the cheapest broadband plan in Auckland that fits your needs using our free comparison tool, right here at glimp.

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